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Doctor Maybaum (6)

The Radio Shrink

Birthday - "Doctor Maybaum"
Views: 6298
In this birthday eCard, Doctor Maybaum, impatiently upbeat radio talk show host, straightens out an unhappy caller on their birthday.
Tell your love story to Dr. Maybaum, relationship shrink to the stars.
Views: 7633
Doctor Maybaum, idiot, sharp-tongued radio talk show host, helps a caller whose wife just left him. In using tough love, Dr. Maybaum insults the hell out of him. This card is voiced by Steven Rotblatt and Richard Zobel, the original partners in Rubber Chicken Cards.
Love - "Dr. Maybaum"
Views: 8637
Doctor Maybaum, the radio talk show shrink gets a call about love.
In this Sorry I Missed your birthday ecard, Dr. Maybaum takes calls on his horrible radio show.
Views: 6093
In this eCard, our Radio Talk Show Master entertains a an emotional call about missing a birthday.
Work Week (Monday) - Dr. Maybaum
Views: 6369
The Good Doctor, radio talk-show host, helps a man with a real attitude problem about Mondays.
Valentine's Day - "Dr. Maybaum"
Views: 5905
The radio doctor that doesn't suffer fools lightly takes a call from a woman in love.