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Dreamtime (11)

The Dreamtime host gets the dream wrong every time.

Send this funny online Thank You ecard starring Dr. Sussman of Dreamtime
Views: 7450
Dr. Albert Sussman, the amazing dream interpreter, blows it again with an obvious thank you dream.
Valentine's Day - "Dreamtime"
Views: 8725
Albert Sussman, master dream interpreter
This funny virtual birthday ecard stars Albert Sussman of "Dreamtime"
Views: 8109
It's Dreamtime with Albert Sussman where a woman adrift in a dream asks Albert, Master Dream Interpreter, to figure it out.
Birthday - "Dreamtime"
Views: 4667
For this birhtday eCard, Dream analyst, Marilyn Clark, blows it again, this time on a birthday dream.
Send this funny Thanksgiving ecards starring "Dreamtime"
Views: 7321
The great interpreter of dreams, Marilyn Clark, blows it again on a wild Thanksgiving dream.
Mother's Day - "Dreamtime"
Views: 5874
The Dreamtime interpreter, Marilyn Clark, totally blows a Mother's Day dream.
Great Day - "Dreamtime"
Views: 6367
The dream interpreter, Marilyn Clark, gets another dream, this time about having a great day, completely wrong.
Cumpleaños - "La Hora del Sue"
Views: 6147
La Analista de Sue?os, Marilyn Clark, se equivoca otra vez, esta vez en un sue?o de cumplea?os.
"Dreamtime's" Marilyn Clark stars in this Premium Father's Day ecard
Views: 6896
The great dream interpreter, Marilyn Clark, messes up the interpretation a Father's Day dream.
This Funny online summer ecard stars Albert Sussman for Dreamtime.
Views: 7395
Albert Sussman, master dream interpreter gets another dream totally and obviously wrong.
This funny Bastille Day ecard features "Dreamtime with Albert Sussman"
Views: 7820
Albert, master dream interpreter, makes a mess out of a Bastille Day dream.