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Good Cop Bad Cop (20)

The Investigation by two cops

Send this Premium Easter ecard starring Good Cop/Bad Cop
Views: 7242
Good Cop and Bad Cop bring in the Easter Bunny for a serious grilling.
Good Cop and Bad Cop go at it in this online belated Birthday card
Views: 4289
Two par-boiled, half-baked detectives grill a suspect charged with Missing Somebody?s Birthday!
This funny digital Birthday stars "Good Cop Bad Cop"
Views: 6333
In this birthday eCard, Bad cop abuses the birthday suspect and Good cop protects him and gets him a cake.
Labor Day - "Good Cop Bad Cop"
Views: 4160
In this Labor Day ecard, the Captain doesn't want to show affection for his great workers. So he asks Good Cop to help.
Hello - "Good Cop Bad Cop"
Views: 8992
The detectives from Precinct Idiot attempt to extract a confession from a suspect who did not say "Hello."
Great Day - "Good Cop/Bad Cop"
Views: 8245
The great detectives are all over a suspect who may or may not be having a great day.
Thanksgiving - "Good Cop_Bad Cop"
Views: 5105
The idiot detectives of Precinct 1583.12 grill a turkey about the bird flu.
Hanukkah - "Good Cop Bad Cop"
Views: 6597
The bad cop mistakenly arrests a Rabbi for lighting fires and the good cop has the Rabbi in to bless Hanukkah candles.
Christmas at the Precinct - "Good Cop/Bad Cop"
Views: 8998
The dynamic detective duo grill Santa while trying to get some gifts on the side.
New Years - "Good Cop Bad Cop"
Views: 8145
Good Cop and Bad Cop arrest Father Time, each trying to squeeze out of him a great upcoming year.
Halloween - "Good Cop - Bad Cop"
Views: 6237
The detectives of Princinct 694.5 try to stop Dracula from flying on Halloween night.
Valentine's Day - "Good Cop - Bad Cop"
Views: 4280
The detectives of precint 302 grill Cupid on his unauthorized use of the bow and arrow
Mother's Day - "Good Cop Bad Cop"
Views: 6406
One of the detectives from Precinct 1328 1/2 is being pressured to tell his mother that he loves her.
St. Patrick's Day - "Good Cop Bad Cop"
Views: 8814
The two idiots from precinct 14.3 arrest a Leprechaun on St. Patty's Day, hoping to find the pot of gold
Send this online Fourth of July ecard starring "Good Cop Bad Cop"
Views: 6028
The idiots at precinct 16.7 take Uncle Sam in for questioning... and to get some help with our leaders in Washington.
Friendship Day - "Good Cop Bad Cop"
Views: 8577
In this Friendship Day ecard, the Chief tries to express his feelings about his good friend, Good Cop.
Valentine's Day - "Good Cop Bad Cop"
Views: 7254
The Captain asks the Good Cop to call his wife and tell her that he loves her for Valentine's Day.
President's Day - "Good Cop Bad Cop"
Views: 5650
The Captain feels sorry for the President of the United States because it is such a thankless, horrible job.
Father's Day - "Good Cop/Bad Cop"
Views: 5099
The two dunderheads of Precinct 387.5 grill their own children about Father's Day gifts.
Compliments - "Good Cop Bad Cop"
Views: 4105
Bad Cop is having a difficult time giving a compliment until there is a breakthrough.