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Happy Hour (18)

Two drunk dogs

Birthday - "Happy Hour"
Views: 5096
In this birthday eCard, it's Happy Hour, and two canine barflies of the first order tip back giant cold ones and chit chat about birthdays.
Valentines Day (Belated) - "Happy Hour"
Views: 4628
The canine barflies chat about being late for Valentines Day.
Get Well - "Happy Hour"
Views: 5961
The Happy Hour dogs are slurpin' their spiked chicken soup and complaining and laughing about their ill health.
Easter - "Happy Hour"
Views: 6013
Our two canines, aided by too much jelly-bean malt liquor, rail at the commerciality of Easter.
Birthday Sober - "Happy Hour"
Views: 7311
Turns out that the Happy Hour dogs have not been drunk all these years, they have been sober! Is that your final answer?
Oktoberfest - "Happy Hour"
Views: 8630
The inebriated canines toss down a few Oktoberfest brews and laugh a whole lot.
Father's Day - "Happy Hour"
Views: 4283
Two barflies, make that bardogs, slurp up a cold one and talk about their fathers.
Labor Day - "Happy Hour"
Views: 5094
Our Bar Hopping Hounds wish everyone a Happy Labor Day.
Sweetest Day - "Happy Hour"
Views: 4896
Hangin' round the bar, the Happy Hour Dogs get sappy and happy about Sweetest Day.
April Fools - "Happy Hour"
Views: 8449
The inebriated canines fake each other out on April Fool's Day.
Chinese New Year - "Happy Hour"
Views: 8150
The happy hour dogs find Chinese New Year pretty darn hysterical.
St. Patrick's Day - "Happy Hour"
Views: 5783
The happy hour dogs go over the story of St. Patrick and howl with laughter.
Invitation - "Happy Hour"
Views: 6217
The two tipsy dogs pound the table and guffaw about being invited to a party.
President's Day - "Happy Hour"
Views: 7273
The dogs at the bar are elated at the prospect of toasting all of our presidents.
Belated Birthday - "Happy Hour"
Views: 4699
In this birthday eCard, the dogs at the bar whoop it up over missing the birthday of their good friend.
Valentine's Day #2 - "Happy Hour"
Views: 5319
Our two canine bar flies chat about being in love.
Summer - "Happy Hour"
Views: 5579
The Happy Hour Dogs celebrate the summer with the worst jokes in the world.
1st Day of Spring - "Happy Hour"
Views: 8513
It's Spring and the Happy Hour drunk dogs are at the bar celebrating.