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Jug Band (4)

The Breeder Brothers and family sing

New Years and Christmas - "Breeder Brothers Jug Band"
Views: 8531
The family that plays together stays together in this Christmas musical extravaganza.
Birthday - "Breeder Brothers Jug Band"
Views: 4837
A Musical Birthday eCard Message from the Breeder Brothers (and assorted family members....) and, yepper they're actually playing the washboard and a "tuned pair" of whisky jugs.
Valentine's Day (Broken Heart) - "Breeder Brothers Jug Band"
Views: 8418
Our Jug Band stomps and harmonizes to a deeply felt Valentine's Day tune.
Consider sending this love wishes ecard with the singing Breeder Brothers
Views: 8070
When you can't say the darn L word, and you're just crazy about someone, you pull out the washboard and start singin'.