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MacDoodle and Son (10)

Holiday - MacDoodle and Son
Views: 4318
The Great Scotland Yard detective and his nitwit son track clues in order to discover the holiday.
Birthday - "MacDoodle and Son"
Views: 7080
In this birthday eCard, the Great Detective shares Birthday sleuthing secrets with his feeble-minded son.
In this funny get well ecard Det. McDoodle tries to teach his son how to sleuth.
Views: 5882
The brilliant Scotland Yard detective tries against all odds to get his idiot son to solve the mystery of a sick friend.
Funny Chanukah virtual card starring "MacDoodle and Son"
Views: 4675
The great Scotland Yard detective, MacDoodle, has some bonding time with his very stupid son to teach him how to discover the clues to the Hanukkah holiday.
Christmas - "McDoodle and Son"
Views: 6752
The brilliant Scotland Yard detective, MacDoodle, and his dimwit son try and get the clues straight about the holiday of Christmas.
Graduation - "McDoodle and Son"
Views: 6644
The great Scotland Yard detective gives his idiot son a lesson in detecting by attempting to get him to discover it's graduation time.
New Baby - "McDoodle and Son"
Views: 6642
The Great Scotland Yard Detective and his dim, very dim son go over the clues for the arrival of a new baby.
Father's Day - "MacDoodle and Son"
Views: 5040
The great Scotland Yard Detective drops clues to his dingleberry Son that it is Father's Day.
Valentine's Day - "MacDoodle and Son"
Views: 5950
The Great Scotland Yard detective attempts to get his idiot son to follow the obvious clues to Valentine's Day.
Daylight Savings - "MacDoodle and Son"
Views: 8524
The great Scottish sleuth, McDoodle, tries to train his idiot son on how to recognize Daylight Savings Time.