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Madam President (9)

The first female president

Halloween - "Madam President"
Views: 4041
The President tells of her plan to create the perfect Halloween costume.
Canadian Thanksgiving - "Ms. President"
Views: 7441
The first female president of the United States sends asks Canada to thank the US for Thanksgiving. What is she thinking?
Labor Day - "Madam President"
Views: 6130
The President of the United States thanks all the workers for...well...working!
President's Day - "Madam President"
Views: 7957
The first female President of the United States gives up some gobbledeegook about some shizzle about President's Day.
Columbus Day - "Madam President"
Views: 7242
In a boring speech, our first female president honors Columbus Day by calling Chris Columbus' acheivments into question.
Shop our high End Mothers Day ecards starring Madam President.
Views: 6297
The first femal President of the United States declares Mother's Day to be once a week.
Send this funny Political Father's Day ecard starring Madam President.
Views: 6609
Madam President honors fathers in an important table pounding speech.
Great Day - "Madam President"
Views: 8647
The President of the United States proposes a cure for lack of fun in life.
Valentine's Day - "Madam President"
Views: 4158
The female President of the United States tells how she got the Security Council involved in a Valentine's Day group hug.