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Madam President (9)

The first female president

Send this Select Halloween ecard starring- "Madam President"
Views: 6365
The President tells of her plan to create the perfect Halloween costume.
High-Quality Canadian Thanksgiving ecard stars "Ms. President"
Views: 4708
The first female president of the United States sends asks Canada to thank the US for Thanksgiving. What is she thinking?
Shop this Labor Day ecard starring "Madam President"
Views: 8684
The President of the United States thanks all the workers for...well...working!
President's Day - "Madam President"
Views: 8041
The first female President of the United States gives up some gobbledeegook about some shizzle about President's Day.
This virtual Columbus Day ecard stars "Madam President"
Views: 5067
In a boring speech, our first female president honors Columbus Day by calling Chris Columbus' acheivments into question.
Shop our high End Mothers Day ecards starring Madam President.
Views: 4202
The first femal President of the United States declares Mother's Day to be once a week.
Send this funny Political Father's Day ecard starring Madam President.
Views: 8550
Madam President honors fathers in an important table pounding speech.
Great Day - "Madam President"
Views: 5693
The President of the United States proposes a cure for lack of fun in life.
Valentine's Day - "Madam President"
Views: 6134
The female President of the United States tells how she got the Security Council involved in a Valentine's Day group hug.