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Roadshow (30)

Dale Vacwit, idiot, brings crazy items to the Roadshow

Send this funny Christmas Eve Ecard featuring "Roadshow"
Views: 5648
Dale Vacwit, certified idiot, brings what he thinks is the original Star of Bethlehem
Try this funny belated Birthday ecard starring the "Roadshow" Idiots
Views: 6431
Dale, confirmed idiot, brings a bar of soap to the Roadshow to give to his wife after he misses her birthday.
Boxing Day - "Roadshow"
Views: 4749
Dale Vacwit, IQ of a peach pit, bring what he thinks is the first cardboard "box" to the Roadshow.
Birthday - "Roadshow"
Views: 6081
In this birthday eCard, Dale Vacwit and the "expert" at the Antique Market evaluate the price of a piece of sculpture.
Thinking of You - "Roadshow"
Views: 5284
Dale Vacwit, moron, brings an object he thinks has no value (he gave it away to a friend)to the Roadshow only to discover that he gave away treasure.
Wedding - "Roadshow"
Views: 8678
Dale Vacwit, idiot, brings something unexpected that they got for their wedding to the Expert for evaluation.
This Superior Thank You ecard stars Dale Vacwit of the Roadshow
Views: 5084
Dale Vacwit comes to the Roadshow with a very important pen with which to say thank you.
This hysterical Halloween ecard stars the "Roadshow"
Views: 8812
Dale Vacwit and the Roadshow host discover that the "antique" Dale brings in might be his cousin Eddie as a werewolf.
Hysterical Thanksgiving ecard stars the "Roadshow" duo
Views: 8215
At the antiques collectors auction, Dale Vacwit, confirmed idiot, tries to pawn off a hot meal as the original Thanksgiving dinner.
Christmas - "Roadshow"
Views: 4085
It's Christmas time and Dale Vacwit brings in a Reindeer with one silver eye that happens to be the lost Santa's Reindeer.
Christmas #2 - "Roadshow"
Views: 7991
Dale Vacwit brings the Host what he thinks is the most expensive baseball card in history.
New Years - "Roadshow"
Views: 7203
Dale Vacwit comes to the New Year's Roadshow program with the hour glass of Father Time.
Send this funny 4th of July starring "Roadshow"
Views: 4039
Dale Vacwit, biggest idiot in the world, brings what he thinks is the real Declaration of Independence to the Roadshow, only to find out...
Register to Vote - "Roadshow"
Views: 7274
Dale Vacwit brings a truckload of ancient Florida voters' ballots into the Roadshow only to discover that they may land him in jail.
Earthday - "Roadshow"
Views: 8966
Dale Vacwit brings a radioactive pear to the Roadshow for an Earth Day evaluation.
Father's Day - "Roadshow"
Views: 7221
Dale Vacwit, true to his name, comes to the "Roadshow" to get a Father's Day "tie" evaluated by an expert only to discover that the tie is not really a tie at all.
Mother's Day - "Roadshow"
Views: 7046
Dale Vacwit brings his mother's casserole to the Road Show to see if he can make a few dollars.
On the "Roadshow" with this Premium Flag Day ecard.
Views: 7321
Dale Vacwit, a man with the IQ of a corn nut, brings to the Roadshow what he thinks is the first American flag ever made.
St. Patrick's Day - "Roadshow"
Views: 5988
Dale Vacwit, idiot, thinks that his wife's pot plant is the pot 'o gold.
Mother's Day #2 - "Roadshow"
Views: 7455
Dale Vacwit goes to the Roadshow to get a price on his beloved mother.
Shavuot - "Roadshow"
Views: 8759
In this Shavuot ecard, hoping it will bring him some money Dale Vacwit brings a ancient stone tablet to the host.
Valentine's Day - "Roadshow"
Views: 8920
Dale Vacwit brings in a pair of underwear for appraisal only to discover that they are the panties of a famous prostitute.
At the Roadshow Dale Vacwit brings a bonnet.
Views: 5631
Dale Vacwit brings an ancient Easter bonnet to the show to discover that it is worth a fortune... maybe.
This Antiques Roadshow spoof features a funny Rosh Hashanah ecard
Views: 6729
Dale Vacwit, pretending to be a Rabbi, brings an ancient Shofar to the Roadshow.
Mother-in-Law Day - "Roadshow"
Views: 4362
Dale Vacwit brings a bust of his Mother-in-Law to the Roadshow only to discover that his Mother-in-law planted a camera in it in order to spy.
Friendship Day - "Roadshow"
Views: 7213
Dale Vacwit, certified idiot, steals some silverware from his good friend and brings it to the Roadshow.
4-20 Stoner Day - "Roadshow"
Views: 8701
Dale Vacwit, certified idiot, brings some pot and a bong to the Roadshow.
High-End Sukkot ecard set at the "Roadshow"
Views: 5099
Dale Vacwit, idiot, brings a Big Five tent to the Roadshow, trying to pawn it off as the tent that Moses gave to his people.
President's Day - "Roadshow"
Views: 6685
Dale Vacwit steals George Washington's hat and brings it to the Roadshow.
Tax Day - "Roadshow"
Views: 8983
Dale Vacwit, certified idiot, brings what he thinks is the first Tax Return in history.