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The Minstrel (5)

Silliness and Elizabethan music

This Musical Columbus Day ecard stars "The Minstrel"
Views: 8152
In this Columbus Day ecard, the Minstrel sings a very horrible song about Columbus and his landing.
Valentine's Day - "The Minstrel"
Views: 4254
The wandering songster warbles a hideous ditty about his love on Valentine's Day.
Thinking Of You - "The Minstrel"
Views: 7478
The Minstrel, tree bound with lute in hand, croons a missing you ditty so compelling it renders forest animals weeping.
Mother's Day - "The Minstrel"
Views: 6709
The wandering Minstrel sings a lively song of love to his mother.
This musical Halloween ecard stars "The Minstrel"
Views: 8637
The English Minstrel strums his mandolin and warbles a song of fright and love.