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Translator (7)

Interpretting men and animals

This smart Halloween online card stars "The Translator"
Views: 8093
As the evil things lurk, The Translator is there to tell us what they are thinking.
Sorry - "Translator"
Views: 8859
The amazing Translator interprets a misunderstood lover's apology.
St. Patrick's Day - "Translator"
Views: 6139
The Translator illuminates the drunken meanderings of a St. Patrick's Day well wisher.
Turkey Thanksgiving ecard starring "The Translator"
Views: 8610
The amazing Translator -- who understands men, women, and pets -- allows us the hear the Thanksgiving message of a turkey.
Valentine's Day - "Translator"
Views: 6063
The amazing Translator ??? who groks the inner mumblings of men, women, and pets ??? tunes into the deep emotions of a woman on Valentine's Day.
Christmas - "The Translator"
Views: 6279
The Translator communicates for the jolly man in the red suit.
Earth Day - "The Translator"
Views: 5510
The Translator, who translates the sounds of animals and inanimate objects, lets us know the feelings of a whale on Earth Day.