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Welcome Wagon (8)

Betty Ann Beeman with her wagon

Valentine's Day - "Welcome Wagon"
Views: 8708
Betty Ann Beeman of the Welcome wagon has a few passive aggressive things to say as she welcomes a new homeowner on Valentine's Day.
Welcome - "Welcome Wagon"
Views: 6028
Betty Ann Beeman, neighborhood "Welcome Wagon" host, intrudes on a new neighbor.
Christmas -"Welcome Wagon"
Views: 4996
Betty Ann Beeman, the Welcome Lady, brings her Squirrel-nut Gazette and a host of treats to a new neighbor.
This High-End Halloween ecard stars Betty Ann from "Welcome Wagon"
Views: 4505
Betty Ann Beeman, the Welcome Wagon Lady, offers a wide array of Halloween goodies from her intrusive Welcome Wagon Cart.
This Flag Day online ecard stars - "Welcome Wagon"
Views: 7679
Betty Ann Beeman, the Welcome Wagon Lady, annoys another family with her red, white, and blue Flag Day cookies.
Betty Ann Beaman stars in this funny Columbus Day ecard set at the "Welcome Wagon"
Views: 5088
Betty Ann Beeman comes with her welcome wagon to collect neighbors for the station wagon Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria Parade.
President's Day - "Welcome Wagon"
Views: 6084
Betty Ann Beeman, welcome wagon lady, shows up at the house with some really stupid treats and neighborhood announcements.
Cinco de Mayo - "Welcome Wagon"
Views: 6987
Betty Ann Beeman, the Welcome Lady, barges into a neighbor's house to offer her amazing Cinco de Mayo recipes.