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Welcome Wagon (8)

Betty Ann Beeman with her wagon

Valentine's Day - "Welcome Wagon"
Views: 4673
Betty Ann Beeman of the Welcome wagon has a few passive aggressive things to say as she welcomes a new homeowner on Valentine's Day.
Welcome - "Welcome Wagon"
Views: 4495
Betty Ann Beeman, neighborhood "Welcome Wagon" host, intrudes on a new neighbor.
Christmas -"Welcome Wagon"
Views: 6623
Betty Ann Beeman, the Welcome Lady, brings her Squirrel-nut Gazette and a host of treats to a new neighbor.
Halloween - "Welcome Wagon"
Views: 4728
Betty Ann Beeman, the Welcome Wagon Lady, offers a wide array of Halloween goodies from her intrusive Welcome Wagon Cart.
This Flag Day online ecard stars - "Welcome Wagon"
Views: 6323
Betty Ann Beeman, the Welcome Wagon Lady, annoys another family with her red, white, and blue Flag Day cookies.
Columbus Day - "Welcome Wagon"
Views: 4940
Betty Ann Beeman comes with her welcome wagon to collect neighbors for the station wagon Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria Parade.
President's Day - "Welcome Wagon"
Views: 5086
Betty Ann Beeman, welcome wagon lady, shows up at the house with some really stupid treats and neighborhood announcements.
Cinco de Mayo - "Welcome Wagon"
Views: 4456
Betty Ann Beeman, the Welcome Lady, barges into a neighbor's house to offer her amazing Cinco de Mayo recipes.