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Spring (8)

Send a Spring Ecards today and light your friends and family members

First Day of Spring Ecard starring the sexy Veronique
Views: 8198
Veronique, the lusty French Canadienne waitress, sings in the new spring.
This Premium Spring ecard stars "Sinclair"
Views: 7748
Sinclair, the hipster, is not much into the Spring season; it is so played out.
1st Day of Spring - "Way Up North"
Views: 6295
Diane, the eco researcher, from Northern Canada joyously greets the spring in a light rain.
1st Day of Spring - "Puss"
Views: 6377
PUSS, the accident prone kitty, sits outside to enjoy the first day of spring and is attacked by nature.
"Da Sport" stars in this cool online Spring ecard
Views: 4417
The greatest sportsman in the world is fined for excessive spitting on the 1st Day of Spring.
The "Happy Hour" dogs star in this virtual spring e card
Views: 7877
It's Spring and the Happy Hour drunk dogs are at the bar celebrating.
Aunt Gloria stars in this ultra premium sping ecard
Views: 4419
Aunt Gloria remebers when her husband, God rest his soul, asked her to marry him on the first day of spring many, many years ago.
This high quality spring ecard stars "Stinky Dog"
Views: 5320
It's spring and Stinky Dog wants to buy something special for us: like a Congressman.

It Hath Sprung

Oh my Goodness. The end of a long, long winter. The beginning of a short, short spring. The sky turns lighter, the clock springs forward, the bunnies start to bun, and life is better.

People Just Love Spring

It's just the best season of all the season, except if you live in Northern Canada. Then spring is just a fancy name for winter. Still freezing and and still unpredictable. And, of course, if you live in the Midwest it is tornado season. Never mind. Spring is here. Rejoice.

The Outside

The idiots at Rubber Chicken Cards love the spring, mainly because we work in a place that opens to the outdoors. So in the winter, when we look at the sky, we all get really cold and have to run heaters. But when it springs up, we open up, and the sun shines down and the gentle breezes blow. OMG. What a glorious time.

Our Selection

We have some really awesome (yes, the word is overused, but it is awesome) cards for you to choose from. We have the drunk dogs of Happy Hour, the idiot sports doode Da Sport, Puss the Unlucky Kitty, and Diane from Way Up North. A selection that would make anyone proud.

The Voice of Diane in Way Up North - Melissa van der Schyff

Melissa is one of the best voice over people in the Universe and you, if you own a media company, should hire her. Not only is she brilliant, she is also the nicest person in the world. For Rubber Chicken Cards she voices the Psychick, Twinkie the Runway Designer, Kimmi from Juice Juice, Tone from Bongo and Tone, and a few others.

One of our Original Voice Over Folks

When Rubber Chicken Cards started, we had two voice over actors that did all the voices, both male and female. The two voices were Richard Zobel and Steven Rotblatt. As our cast grew, we need other voices. The first person we hired, at Screen Actors prices and under SAG contract, was Martha Lambert. Then we hired Melissa next to do the Psychick. She is and was so brilliant that we have not stopped using her.

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