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Bastille Day (6)

Send a funny Bastille Day ecard today. Viva la France.

This online Bastille Day ecard stars "The Muse"
Views: 4803
Your Muse encourages caring about freedom and therefore Bastille Day. Viva la France.
This High End Bastille Day ecard stars "Frankie and Eddie"
Views: 7029
In this Bastille Day ecard, the idiot birds get most of the facts wrong about Bastille Day. Something to sing about?
This smart Bastille Day ecard stars the "Professors"
Views: 7873
In considering the revolution in France, one of the Professors, Montgomery, thinks that the Illuminati was behind it and wants to become a member.
This Superior Bastille Day ecard stars "Jack and Jacques"
Views: 5768
The American ventriloquist and his French Dummy spar over the celebration of Bastille Day.
This Musical Bastille Day ecard stars "Cowboy Fritz"
Views: 7630
Fritz the Bavarian Cowboy sings a ridiculous song about the storming of the Bastille in mock German.
This funny Bastille Day ecard features "Dreamtime with Albert Sussman"
Views: 6572
Albert, master dream interpreter, makes a mess out of a Bastille Day dream.
 Bastille Day

What is Bastille Day? Learn with our Animated Funny Online Greeting Cards

Bastille Day ecards: La Fete Nationale or Le quatorze juillet or the fete de la federation or the 14th of July or Bastille Day or the..!!..let's just stick with Bastille Day not to be confused with Bastard Day. The anniversary of the storming of the Bastille fortress-prison was seen as a symbol of the uprising of the modern nation, and of the reconciliation of all the French inside the constitutional monarchy which preceded the First Republic, during the French Revolution.

How the Heck do you Celebrate?

Some say it wasn't even a storming of the castle, it was more like they sent in a delivery boy with a bad case of the flu. Bonjour! Seriously, how do you commemorate this day of freedom and repudiation of Royal subjugation (in order to be subjugated by a new regime)? Do you with furrowed brow unscrew the handle of your kitchen mop, don your homemade armor taped together from your overgrown pile of paper shopping bags, and mock storm a fortress built of couch pillow, and bed sheet; do you prepare a stick au butter sandwich, a legless lamb gravied poutine, a hamburger helper au vin, a quintuple cream sauce for your banned foie gras? (go to rubberchickencards.com) Do you pardon a criminal, a voleur, a concierge, perhaps a parent so you can heal a childhood wound and move on, as does the President of France somehow permits himself to do - or allows himself to do on Bastille Day.

Ahh. The Rubber Chicken Card

Mes Amis, the true way to celebrate this historic day is to send and receive a Rubber Chicken Bastille Day ecard. Make no mistake. If you have a French friend and you can understand them, they could be tres fache to hear that RubberChickenCards.com is cultured enough to be aware of Bastille Day and you didn't grace them with the celebratory comforts of their motherland, in essence (or essauncheee, if you have a French accent) you've deprived them of a Rubber Chicken eCard that marks a historic day in the ever exciting, unnecessarily complex lives of French folks.

Viva la Chicken

Okay. Let's get practical. Who do you know that is French and would love a premium Rubber Chicken Card? Who do you know that likes to party for any and all reasons? Well... send them a Rubber Chicken Card. Who do you know that sits in their house and doesn't go anywhere or laugh out loud? Well, let's take this occasion to send a Rubber Chicken Card to them too! Viva la France.

Viva La France

Thanks for sending Rubber Chicken Cards. You make the world better.

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