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Affirmations (1)

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Affirmation - "Guptah"
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The great Quikmart sage leads us to have better thoughts.
Affirmations cards

Negative Thoughts

Sometimes, if you are like us, the dork-berries at Rubber Chicken Cards, you might have a negative thought bouncing around your head like a superball on a roller coaster. Well, it's time to replace those negative thoughts! Wait, maybe we should be more specific, we don't mean replace one awful thought with another equally bad one (that's how M. Night Shyamalan movies keep getting made)! We mean substitute any negative thought you have with a new, more positive and life-affirming thought. After all, you deserve it! Try this affirmation ecard we made, you can either give it to yourself like a relaxing bubble bath, or send this eCard to a friend.

Here's Good News From a Friend...You!

We created a line of special eCards, called "Chicken Scratches". Partially because we're waaaay too committed to this chicken theme, but mostly because we really like hearing from close friends who take the time to just say, "hi" or "I'm thinking about you" or "Enough with the chicken imagery, already!".

See, THAT Was Life Affirming!

We offer a lot of affirmation eCards for you to choose from. And we created them to be especially quick and easy to share and post on Facebook, Stumbled Upon, or any other Social Media service you're now using. Go ahead and blow the minds of the younger people in your family, post your favorite Chicken Scratch eCard on their Facebook page! (Ah, what fun! See, you're not getting older, you're getting "more technically experienced"!)

Our Animated Ecards

If you want a card that really moves, we have a number of animated affirmations ready for addition to this category. We have a Frankie and Eddie ecard affirmation; and using a number of other characters, we will be sporting ecards affirmation, yes, that's the plural, for your entertainment pleasure.

Get with the Program!

What we are working on is an entire program of affirmation ecards that actually create a full course in positive thinking. Unless you know of any courses out there that are funny... do you?! We are rolling out a course (slowly, but thoroughly) that actually creates a pathway to lighten the load of the world, just like your own, personal industrial forklift, but with a great sense of humor. We have not heard of anything out there like this that already exists, but then again, we don't get out much these days. So enjoy this funny affirmation ecard and have a great day. Or if you really need to, have a lousy day if it helps get it out of your system. Either way, it's up to you and we support you one hundred per cent!

Our Motley Crew

Choose from any number of our cast of characters. We will be sporting affirmation eCards --yes, that's plural, we're "forward thinking"! We hope you enjoy them, we made them for your entertainment.

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