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Arbor Day (6)

Arbor Day ecards greetings that are funny and smart.

Arbor Day - "Marlene and Dave"
Views: 7027
Malene and Dave, the infomercial duo, sell hats that sport small trees for Arbor Day, because why not grow a tree on your head.
Arbor Day - "Flashback Boys"
Views: 4784
The hippies, with only one brain cell left betwixt them, have a very pithy discussion on the planting of trees.
Arbor Day - "Packrats"
Views: 5181
The collectors share their Arbor Day collection of tree costumes.
Arbor Day - "Way Up North"
Views: 7523
Diane, the ecology researcher in the frozen tundra, has planted palm trees in honor of Arbor Day.
Arbor Day - "Louise the Angel"
Views: 8532
Louise helps us to understand what it is like to be a tree on Arbor Day!
Arbor Day - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 6062
Aunt Gloria extolls the beauty of trees and bemoans the destruction of the environment.
 Arbor Day Ecards

Arbor Day Ecards Animated Funny Online Greeting Cards

Nothing Better Than a Tree

What a great day! A day to honor trees, plant them, and care for them. This is Johnny Appleseed's favorite day, except Apple Day, which comes round once every 612 years. This is the perfect day to send a Rubber Chicken Card Arbor Day ecard. Back in 1872, April 10th, the United States had its first Arbor Day, started by a gent named J. Sterling Morton. On that day, it is estimated that over one million trees were planted, mostly Ficus. One Florida transplant, by the name of Edmund Silverstein (originally from New York), snuck in a palm tree to the great delight of his Nebraska neighbors, Lem and Clara Holfsen. Well, by golly, this was not enough. In 1883, Birdsey Northrop (not making this up) took it global in his visit to Japan, then later Australia, Canada, and Europe. To this day, trees everywhere honor and love Birdsey Northrop. In fact, trees were the first beings to call birds that fly, "birds"? after the name Birdsey. Well, what really got Arbor Day to catapult into the mainstream of life was Theodore Roosevelt's Arbor Day Proclamation of 1907.

His Speech Kinda

He said something like this: My fellow Americans. It is come to my attention that today might be Arbor Day, a day to care for the environment by planting trees. I have been all over this great nation and have set my sights on other countries that we might conscript into our country, like Puerto Rico, and British Columbia, and I feel that we simply need more tries. From the West to the East, from the North to the South let each man, woman, and child take a seed and put it into the ground and water it, unless you live in Seattle where you don't have to water anything. Then he took his rifle and shot it five times into the air.

We Have Lots to Send

The idiots at Rubber Chicken Cards.com have a number of fine Arbor Day ecards for your sending pleasure. We have a Way Up North, a Packrats, a Louise the Angel, and a Flashback boys Arbor Day. All funny, all to the point, and all bringing joy to all who get an opportunity to get one of these great ecards for their very own.

Thank You

Thanks for sending Rubber Chicken Cards. You make the world better.

Let's Do It

Whew! We are out of breath. Let's just honor trees and breath and beauty and nature. Have fun sending Rubber Chicken Card Arbor Day ecards!

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