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Ash Wednesday (1)

Send a very funny Rubber Chicken Cards Ash Wednesday ecard to celebrate the first day of Lent.

Ash Wednesday - "The Professors"
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The University Dons prickle to each other's ideas on the very meaning of the "Ash" in Ash Wednesday.
Ash Wednesday cards

Ash Wednesday Greetings are More Popular than our "Good Friday" Cards

The idiots at Rubber Chicken Cards actually think Ash Wednesday is a big ecard greeting day. No, Seriously, they tell us they have spent years doing research and everything! Maybe we should be paying more close attention to how they're spending their time.

Send it to a Close Friend

Well, maybe they're right, or maybe we just imagined it. Either way, we only have this one, lonely little Ash Wednesday ecard for your sending pleasure, but it really is wonderful, so take a look and send it to some one you know will love it, like the Pope (do you know his email address?).

From Humble Beginnings

No doubt you are already aware that Ash Wednesday is recognized as the first day of Lent for many Christians worldwide. It is the beginning of the Lenten fast.

The Lenten What?!

The Lenten fast lasts for 40 days (excluding Sundays, ironically) and it ends on Holy Saturday, which is the day before Easter Sunday (are you getting all this? We really should have included a PowerPoint presentation here).

When in Rome...

In some countries, like Greece, Ash Wednesday is celebrated on a Monday and the day has a Greek name that sounds nothing like Ash Anything. Anyway, Ash Wednesday derives its name from the ritual of placing ashes on the foreheads of the faithful. It's a symbolic act that serves as a reminder of our common, human mortality, and it's also a sign of mourning and repentance.

Recycle Reduce Reuse

Typically, the ashes used in the ceremony come from burning palm fronds (Google it if you don't believe us!) from the previous year's Palm Sunday. So really, it's a very " Green" way of doing things. Take THAT, Earth Day!

Celebrated Worldwide

For some, this is a day to spend in church in deep reflection, for others, this is a day for serious fasting. And for some non-Christians this is a day like all others: rush to get to work on time, clock out early for lunch, maybe sneak in an extra smoke break without the boss knowing, then it's get home in time to catch up on old reruns of "Law and Order" or "CSI Wherever" before deleting them off your TiVo. By the way, does anyone know if "Survivor" is still a thing?!

Get to the POINT!

The meaning behind Lent --the first day being Ash Wednesday (seems like we just covered this)--, is to prepare the faithful for the ascent of Christ. So repentance and penitence are really what you're aiming for here. Now that we've been talking about this, it really does seem like Ash Wednesday is a GREAT time to send an ecard! And it's also a great opportunity to remind people that there is something more important in this world than the small problems that can overwhelm our daily lives sometimes. It's time we get busy and create more Ash Wednesday ecards. One last thing, do you remember how to delete stuff off TiVo, the Pope wants to know?

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