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Back to School (7)

Funny back to school ecards. Send one today and make someone laugh.

This funny Back to School ecards stars "Lincoln"
Views: 6439
9 Year Old Lincoln has to go back to school, reluctantly.
This high -quality Back to School ecard stars "Juicy Juice"
Views: 5655
Kimmie, the Juicy Juice girl, tries to impress the most popular girl in school.
Shop Back To School ecards with The "Psychick"
Views: 7356
Our Lady of the Spirit World chronicles the successes of the greatest and worst students in history.
Send this Back to School e card starring "Angel Moon McFadden"
Views: 4328
The Scottish Angel is really, really excited about going back to school: the books, the bells, the food fights.
This Musical Back to School ecard stars "Frankie and Eddie"
Views: 8598
That boppin', dancin' duo whips up a back to school song with an upbeat flavor.
This quality Back to School ecard stars "Bats Inna Belfry"
Views: 8408
Good friends Charlene and Sal share their excitement about going back to school.
Back to Shcool - "Selma Goldfarb"
Views: 4143
The agent to the stars attempts to inspire a young person going back to school with famous movies and tv shows.
Back to School cards

Everyone's Happy, Well Maybe Not the Kids...or the School Bus Drivers

We here at Rubber Chicken Cards have a favorite ecard-giving time of year, for us it is "Back to School" day. It's the day after "buying a bunch of school supplies" day and the day before "What do you mean you have Strep throat and you'll be home for the next three months?!?" day.

Send A "Back to School" Ecard to a Teacher

We posted six (that's half a dozen for your English and Math graduates) eGreetings for your perusal. Ha! See, Ms. Christiansen, we CAN spell! She was our Kindergarten teacher. She held us back four years in a row. We finally had to pay her off.

A-Z and Beyond

So pack those juice boxes and PBJ's, but be sure to include a HUGE disclaimer on the outside of your kid's lunch bag that clearly states: "This product manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts", because times have changed and you can't be too careful!

The 3 R's: Recycle, Reuse and Reduce

And instead of sneaking a surprise sugary treat, like a Twinkie, in your kid's lunch, how about surprising them by personalizing a Rubber Chicken Card "Back to School" animated eGreeting and posting it to their Facebook page, or you could email it to them and they can now view it on any device, so they can see your thoughtful gesture on their iPhone... and iPad... and smart phone... and we don't know all what else, probably the XBox and the 4G (whatever that is) and... sheesh being a kid now-a-days is WAY more complicated than when we were their age. Simply trying to keep up with all the necessary recharging cables and connectors is a full time gig for a kid. How do they do it?!

Beats Eating Paste

So celebrate "Back to School" day, a holiday also known as "Parents Independence Day", by sending out our ecards to everyone with school-aged children. Our cards are unlike anything our competition has: Hallmark doesn't have 'em and Doozie cards doesn't have 'em and Jib Jab doesn't have 'em! Nope! Just us. And these here cards are here just for you and those you care about. And send one to yourself, after all, you earned a good laugh! But do it now, before you have to pick your kid up from their "Non-Linear Interpretive European Football" practice and get them to their "Experimental Native American Dance" class on time! Which reminds us, we're late, so if you excuse us, we volunteered to carpool our kid and their Chess Club to something called, "Neuro-Bio-Chemistry for the Advanced Pre-Teen". We have no idea what they teach but it was cheaper than a year at Montessori, so how bad could it be?

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