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Bat Mitzvah (1)

Send a funny Bat Mitzvah ecard to honor the important day.

Bat Mitzvah - "The Rabbi"
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The Great Rabbi, tells a story, gives a blessing, and honors the young woman on her Bat Mitzvah.
Bat Mitzvah

Oi Look Who's All Grown Up!

For all the study and effort to prepare for a Bat Mitzvah, what will be prized most by your wonderful young woman on her important day when she becomes a woman?! "Gelt", you say? "Feh!", we say back! Mostly we say this, because lately we've watched WAY too many Jackie Mason comedy specials. But that fact notwithstanding, what this smart, strong, young "Ruth-in-Training" wants more than anything is a unique animating Rubber Chicken Ecard to celebrate her day! Yes! It's true! And do you know HOW we know this, Smartie? We know this because we were told by the official Rabbi of Rubber Chicken Cards, Rabbi Connie! And what's more?! Rabbi Connie has gone the extra step! Yes! She has blessed each of these RCC Bat Mitzvah ecards (well there's only one ecard right now but...) until it is so drenched in love and sweetness that you wouldn't believe how drenched in love and sweetness it is! THAT'S how drenched this one card is (...we'll make more) !

She's Our Favorite Beautiful "Girl 'BoyChik'"!

Behold the beauty of the Bat Mitzvah, and all rites of passage: Transformation! That's right! Sure, this treasure, this twelve year old Jewish girl, a gift from God she is, this wonderful young person, how does she want to spend her days leading up this important day? Like any other pre-teen, of course! Maybe she wants to spend 3 hours on a Saturday going to Hebrew School?! Did you? Come on, be honest. Heck YES she does!! Oh course she does! She doesn't want to be playing baseball, the Israeli national sport. Nope she wants to study! And study she does!

An Animating Ecard Like No Other Ecard!

And study some more she does! And for this sacrifice, what does she get? You have to ask?!? Why she gets the best gift of all! For going the extra mile, for learning a glorious language, and for working so hard, this young, brilliant person gets: to be a woman! And what a gift this is! Okay, gifts, like an iPad or a new curling iron are nice. But this: preparing and studying and learning and speaking to those gathered and preparing...THIS is a gift she will never need an extended warranty for! This gift of Womenhood, of adulthood! THIS gift is better than any material thing that she'd otherwise need a service contract for. Because she will use this gift, her "coming of age" knowledge and experience, for the rest of her life! And not even Apple can offer that! So, send her a Rubber Chicken Ecard, she's earned it. And while you're at it, send yourself one too, you're such a good person, you deserve a little RCC "TLC" too.

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