Birthday 21 (17)

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Happy 21st Birthday

Give Your Liver the Afternoon Off!

How important is one's 21st birthday? How important is it to send a 21st Birthday E-Greeting? Why so important, it has its own corporate sponsorship (at least in the United States)! Coors, Budweiser, Smirnoff, Stoli and the Betty Ford Clinic, just to name a few! This is a day not to be missed... less you imbibe too much, in which case, you'll forever relive today through humiliating videos of a young, drunken YOU on Vine, Facebook and YouTube! In the United States, this special day celebrates a young person's slow, sweet transformation into Charles Bukowski. So it's time, don't you think to send some 21st Birthday ecards.

Leaving Las Vegas - Funny Happy 21st Birthday Ecards | Animated Greeting Cards

At 21 years old you can legally play beer pong. This may very well be the single most ironic birthday for a young American seeing as how, by age 21, most have consumed so much alcohol PRIOR to being 21, that they're usually reformed alcoholics by this age. And how blessed it is that at the age of 21, across all states, it becomes legal to purchase, carry and consume alcohol. Just think of what freedom like that will produce in the hearts of good American people.

"Arthur (the original Dudley Moore version)"!

Another great perk in a number of states is that 21 is the legal age for gambling; yet another victory for the one-armed bandits and every other lure that's welcomed at the age of 21. And why is that? It's because now you have been deemed an ADULT so you can handle all the hard stuff adults handle: like love, honesty, communication, empathy, sobriety, and other "buzz-kills". In fact, in the state of Mississippi you can finally apply for a marriage license without parental consent (ironic, because the age of consent is 16 in "Ole' Miss").

Is ANYONE Really Afraid of Virginia Woolf!?

Unless you're French, or your parents are actors (or leave you alone while they're off on vacation), there's no reason for you to start drinking booze when you're younger than 21. However, magically, once you're an "adult", it's suddenly time to "Break out the Wild Turkey!" Magic, no?! So, happy 21st birthday from your designated drivers at Rubber Chicken Ecards! You can now legally drink on work nights, stay in bed all day and never change your pajamas unless the neighbors complain. In fact, we often come to work in our gin-soaked pj's, but that's just because we can't afford proper laundry detergent. So it's harder for us to send 21st Birthday Ecards, because we probably can't see the keyboard.

Days of Wine and Roses

Hey, now that you're an adult, you call the shots. You go to spiritual, pot-luck events and make your favorite foods to share with everyone. They'll expect you to now too! You can even get yourself a job with benefits so you can buy all that stuff you need to make yourself a life. (And at this point, you can buy a subscription to Rubber Chicken Cards so that you can send some 21st Brithday Ecards.) You might become a workaholic in order to influence yourself and aggravate people. Though you still can't take your clothes off and run down the street, at least now you're mature enough to take other people's clothes off, and that's the best part about this self controlling age of 21.

Clean and Sober-Adjacent so that you are alert enough to send some 21st Birthday Ecards

Yup, you got it! So we can lose all self control! Hey now that's fun and fabulous. So honor this great event by choosing a Rubber Chicken Card Chicken Scratch card and posting it on Facebook or sending one of our premium animated 21st Birthday Ecards. Face it, being 21 is pretty cool! Wish someone a Happy 21st Birthday. Send one of our 21st Birthday Ecards today.

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