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Birthday ecards for Him (4)

So it looks like you are looking for a funny ecard for a man, right? Well you've come to the right place. Our for him cards are funny and have just enough testosterone for a good send. These cards are funny, sweet, and every now and again can lead to belly laughter.

In this digital Birthday Ecard, Beez (the devil) tries to figure out a sweet way to mark the passage of time.
Views: 4997
BeezleBob, the devil, is sitting around with his buddies trying to think of the best way to celebrate big events in life, like Brithdays.
Try this dry humored Birthday ecard starring the idiot professors.
Views: 4102
The erudite Professors discuss whether attitude is important in a long life.
Send this perfect Birthday e card, starring Ellen and her cat Winsor. Sweet and funny and hopeful.
Views: 5616
Ellen is a little depressed as her birthdate comes around. Windsor doesn't understand why.
Birthday - "Autopsy"
Views: 7730
In this birthday eCard, Tom and Millie are about to do an autopsy when Millie interrupts with a Birthday Cake for Tom's birthday.
 Birthday E cards for Him

Our Animated Birthday Ecards for Him

Men are simple.  We know this.  On a birthday, a man wants an ecard that is probably damn funny, but has an element of sweetness.  But then again, the brother of the Chief Chicken likes Louise the Angel the best.  Who would've thunk it? So we have a whole bunch of great cards just for you!!! 

About our Birthday for Him animated e cards

We are dedicated to creating ever new and ever better cards. And so we keep writing, acting, and animating the best Birthday for Him Animated Cards on the planet.

We love What We Do

You Are a Part of It Making The World Better

Yes, you. The purpose of Rubber Chicken Cards.com is to spread joy and love. Pretty simple. We get up every day and ask, "How can we make people smile?"

A Better Service

While we are working to keep the content great and create even better shizzle, we want you to know that we are always looking at ways to improve our service. So here in the middle of 2023 we are working on some ways that you can send cards, send announcements, send everything more easily and with more gusto to every social media outlet known to man.