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Closed Caption cards

Deeds not Words!

Want to be sure that you honor your friend or family member who is hearing challenged? Or do you need to send your card to someone who won't be able to hear the audible component of the card? Here is a way for you to be certain that not a word of what you have to say is being missed by someone you care about. Rubber Chicken's Close Captioned eCards!

Verbatim (that's a French word meaning "Plagiarism")

It's just like having a TV channel with captions. Or a foreign movie with subtitling (except much less annoying and without ANY of those weird cultural differences). And unlike some, badly-dubbed close captioned eCards who we won't mention here (badllly_Dubbep_eCardz.kom), we take great care to ensure OUR close captioned eCards provide ALL the literal and "interpretive" information (and almost NO snarky comments... we charge extra for that). Closed captioning typically displays a transcription of the audio portion of our cards simultaneously, as the dialogue occurs between characters. We're not saying you HAVE TO use them if you don't want to. But they're here when you need them (like a moist towelette, or Girl Scout cookies).

Don't Be a Party-Pooper

If you are sending a card to someone who will not be able to hear the words (maybe they're at a Lakers play-off), then it's important that you send a closed caption card. Can you imagine the disappointment that your friend would feel after receiving a much-cherished card from you, only to feel left out because they can't hear what's being said? Nobody wants to be that guy.

It's (more than) the Thought that Counts

Seriously. It's like opening a present on Christmas and finding out that you've been given a toy that's invisible. So be sure to be a good friend, and give those you care about a gift you know they'll laugh at --or scream at in frustration, if your friend doesn't like our cards (there's no such thing as "bad press", right Sarah Palin?!). And keep coming back to Rubber Chicken for more cards!

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