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Corona Virus (12)

Corona Virus, Animation, Pandemic

Omicron - "Housewives of Needles California"
Views: 7156
Rude language: The Housewife of Needles is scared to death of Omicron but finds a solution to her fear.
Back to Work After Vax - "Hot Lips"
Views: 6735
Hot Lips, who tries to have a good attitude is back to work and is having an interesting time of it.
Corona Virus - "God"
Views: 8320
God talks about the Corona Virus and what we can do now
Stuck with Kids Inside (language bleeped) - "Housewives of Needles California"
Views: 6041
Filled with delicious bleeped language our Housewife of Needles, Ca, is stuck inside with her ingrate children.
Corona Virus - 7 Year Old Stuck at Home - "Lincoln"
Views: 7147
Lincoln, the 7 year old boy is stuck at home and away from his friends.
Shelter-in-Ashram - "Guptah"
Views: 8149
Guptah, the sage, gives words of comfort in uncomfortable pandemic times.
Corona on the Farm - "Sarah"
Views: 4205
Sarah, the acerbic Southern Belle, is Shuttered in Place on the Farm.
Covid - "Food Eaters"
Views: 5736
Jake Wellington, internet food influencer, is shuttered in his basement, getting food drops from his Mom.
Corona "The Vaccine" - "The Geeks"
Views: 8032
Our genius teenager geeks work on a vaccine for the corona virus.
Corona Virus - "Larry the Loungeman"
Views: 5330
Larry, alone in the Bar Davy Jones' Locker, sings one of his very horrible original songs and tells some really bad jokes.
Christmas 2020 - "Food Eaters"
Views: 6341
Jake Wellington, YouTuber, "Food Eaters from Around the World" laments about this Christmas and looks forward to a great new year without restrictions.
Corona Virus at Home - "Hot Lips"
Views: 5070
Hot Lips, the negative administrator