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Way to Go, George!

Well we all have Australian astronomer and prolific bug-collector, George Vernon Hudson, to thank for "inventing" a system of turning our clocks ahead and back one hour, just to have earlier dawns and later dusks. To acknowledge Hudson's contribution to our twice-a-year frustration, we have made Rubber Chicken Daylight Savings Cards. So send one out if only to prove to our parents we did NOT waste our time making something hardly anyone send out as a greeting card!

Time Flies...

We think Hudson's ritual, as a concept, has long outlived its usefulness and should be forgotten (kind of like this category). After all, every six months, we as a race of humans have to stop and re-learn how to reset our FREAKIN' stupid, clocks! And the whole thing's turned into what Hudson himself would classify as one, collective pain-in-the-butt-erfly (Kingdom: Animalia; Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Insecta; Order: Lepidoptera; Suborder: Rhopalocera)!" 'Cuz that's how scientists talk... ya get it?!? He's a scientist and the stuff above describes the various classifications used to identify a butterfly. We are so funny! Hey, did it suddenly get dark in here?!

Pointless Exercise (But isn't ALL Exercise?!?), but Jack La Laine Might Disagree

Twice a year we all forget to turn our clocks ahead one hour in the Summery months and then forget to turn them all BACK an hour in the Wintery months. All of us, EXCEPT those in Arizona, because they think they're frickin' Texas! And you can't tell Texans ANYTHING! Just ask them, they'll tell ya! So, George was either a genius or an unbelievable control freak. And it's easy to understand why: he worked a swing-shift, and no that doesn't mean he was in Benny Goodman's band. Bah-dum-dum! Thank you, and remember to tip your waitresses.

Now We'd Like to Quote the Talented Miss Blossom Dearie

There ought to be a moonlight saving time so I could love that man of mine until the birdies wake and chime Good morning!

Second Verse

There ought to be a law in clover time to keep that moon out overtime... to keep each lover's lane in rhyme till dawning

Third Verse

You'd better hurry up, hurry up, hurry up get busy today you'd better croon a tune to the man up in the moon and here is what I say: There ought a Moonlight savings time so I could love that man of mine until the birdies wake and chime Good morning!
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