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Like an "eFortune Cookie"

Good Luck ecards: We folks here at Rubber Chicken Cards prefer the term "Good Cluck." Luck and lucky are derived from Germanic and Anglo Saxon roots. We generally see "Good Luck' as an unknown and unpredictable phenomenon that leads to a favorable outcome that will win us the lottery, for instance.

The Best of Intentions

This everyday sorcery filled with elusiveness and trickery will seduce even the most hardcore science fundamentalist. We bury statues of our favorite deities in our backyards; we use garlic sauteed with sloth talons; we only make right turns; we order open faced cheeseburgers, we spend an afternoon with only one sock on; and anything else we can think of to get God or the Universe to respond and make things easier for us.

Stay Positive

But there is one profession that one must never say this to...actors and performers! The term to replace "good luck" with is "break a leg." For musicians it's "break a string." Not sure what it would be for painters? "Run out of paint and money to buy the paints."

Fruit Loops for the Soul

But all the afore mentioned is a perfect example of how anyone could make anything into a mental placebo -and that includes sugary, multi-colored cereal.

A Good Opportunity to use the word, "multifarious"

It's all kind of fun when you look at the multifarious versions of this charming well intended spell and to see how wild they get across the globe. There is always a part of us when receiving this blessed phrase that thinks "maybe it will work this time."

A Double-DeCaf Latte Press

Well the schmoes at Rubber Chicken Cards think that you don't need any of these amulets or bits of garnish to create luck. You just need to send a Good Luck Ecard from RC Cards. That should do it. And, if for some reason, you think there should be even more luck, you can go over to our store where we sell Rubber Chicken Card junk at and order a few of our Good Luck ecard t-shirts. We have t-shirts and mugs from God, from Louise the Angel, from Guptah the Sage. See? All spiritual stuff. And, of course, if you don't believe, we have Stinky Dog to yell and stamp his paws.

Good Luck eCards

So when you need to send a thinking of you ecard with some good luck in it for spice, send a Good Luck Ecard. Not only will your friend be lucky, but so will you. Lean back, have fun, and know that you have done some good in the world by spreading joy!

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