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Good to Have Met You (1)

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Good To Have Met You - "Flashback Boys"
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Hardly able to carry on a conversation, the boys discuss someone they just met.
Good to Have Met You cards

Love is Love and Not Fade Away

How many times have we met someone and wanted to stay in touch, only to realize they've faded from our lives because neither of us have followed through? By the way, before we forget, you're great! We should totally stay in touch. Okay, what were we talking about?!?

The Good, The Bad and the Saucy

It's exciting to think, at any moment, we can meet someone new and this "meeting by chance" completely changes our lives forever. It's fortunate moments like these, when circumstances bring us together unexpectedly, that we want to maintain into the future. And it can be with a person who might otherwise be completely outside of our regular social life, like meeting Rory Culkin at a Spaghetti-Western themed dinner party for example... which reminds us, do you know a good way to get tomato stains out of Rory's Sergio Leone sweatshirt?!? He wants it back.

Hope and Change

Okay, so, like this one time, while we were folding underwear at this all-night laundromat in our neighborhood, we totally met Calista Flockhart! No, seriously, for reals! She looked great, and she needed change for a parking meter and we were all like, "Hey, Calista", and she's all like, "Hey, can you break a fifty dollar bill?" ???she's so awesome! And it wasn't like she was in the laundromat with us or anything, she was just parking near it, so anyways, we gave her four quarters and told her "no worries, Calista, we got plenty of quarters, just keep your fifty", and then we gave her the URL to our Facebook page... did you know you can TOTALLY send Rubber Chicken eCards on your Facebook page?! For Reals! Yeah, Calista didn't know that either. But, after we told her, she totally knows now. OMG, you'd get along great with her! You should totally hang out with her like we did. Facebook friend her. We did. She'll totally friend you back! Did we mention she's great?! And, no doubt, she must be really busy right now, otherwise she'd have friended us back by now... (sigh). Maintaining friendships is important to us.

And Now for a Little "Soggy Bottom Breakdown"...

We completely support your decision to stay in touch with people who are important to you (Calista, you could just FB "aquaintence" us, we're cool with that, really!). Maybe you just made an important contact at a business meeting (or maybe you just gave away your last bit of change to someone who really needed it, but then you ended up walking around the next day wearing soggy jeans at work because you didn't have enough quarters to put in the dryer to completely dry your... ah, the point is some relationships are really important to maintain, and Rubber Chicken "Good to Have Met You" eCards are a great way to stay in touch.

When We Met Again

Our Rubber Chicken eCards make it easy for you to email (or Facebook) your important contacts. You'll be certain they know that you enjoyed meeting them and that you want to stay in touch. Don't wait, whether it is your life-long friends, an important potential client, or --dare we say-- a possible romance (Rory can you forgive us for ruining your favorite shirt?!?) send those you care about a Rubber Chicken eCard and stay connected.

But Wait... There's MORE!

We also have Rubber Chicken "Love" ecards or eCards that say "I'm Thinking of You". Whatever you want to say (providing it's nice), we have eCards for you. And it's great to see people perk up when they get a Rubber Chicken ecard from you. Sometimes the best way to stay in touch with those you care about is to send them something nice, to "keep the ball rolling", so to speak. And our "Good to Have Met You" eCards are a great way to do just that.

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