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Grandparents (13)

Send a funny Grandparents Ecard from Rubber Chicken Cards

This Funny Grandparents day ecard features our "Flashback Boys"
Views: 7585
The boys with the combined memory power of a fire fly, whip up a conversation about the meaning of the word Grandparent.
Send a Unique Grandparent's Day ecard starring "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 8750
Aunt Gloria, though not a grandparent herself, revels in love.
This musical Grandparents Day ecard features "Frankie and Eddie"
Views: 4268
The singing, dancing birds give all there sweetness in a song for the grandparents... that in the end takes a turn.
Thinking of You (from Grandparents) - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 4389
Tell your grandchild how much you love them on any given day.
The Packrats star in this very funny Grandparent's Day ecard
Views: 6182
Ruth and Ed, the Collectors, collect Grandparents and share them on that special day.
Our superior Grandparents ecard stars "Bats inna Belfry"
Views: 7300
Two bats are rackin' their noggins to come up with a way to honor their Grandbats.
Try this Superior Grandparent's Day ecard starring the "Psychick"
Views: 4118
Our lady of the spirit world channels all the best grandparents in history to sing the Grandparent chant.
Send this funny Grandparent's Day ecard starring "Madam Blubartsky"
Views: 7173
The great fortune teller sees a vision of a beautiful Grandparent's Day.
This Rude Grandparent's Day ecard stars the "Breeder Brothers"
Views: 8704
The downhome twins with the joint I.Q. of a pound of okra give us some tips on how to honor yer grandfolks.
Our Premium funny Grandparents Day ecard stars Diane from Way Up North
Views: 6776
Diane, the ecology researcher in Northern Canada, has a windy but warm message to her grandparents on the big day.
Shop our designer Grandparents Day ecards featuring the " Flight Attendant"
Views: 6590
In this Grandparent's Day ecard, Jenny Sue honors the youth of the modern Grandparent.
Shop Grandparent's Day ecards featuring "On The Runway"
Views: 6831
Twinkie, the great runway designer, creates a line of clothing for grandparents who never grow old.
Send this funny Grandparent's Day ecard from the "General Store"
Views: 7185
It's Grandparent's Day at the General story and Bert comes in to buy some gifts for his grandfolks.
Grandparents cards


We here at Rubber Chicken Cards appreciate our elders. They have more wisdom... or at least more experience than we do. And they're willing to share it with us "descendants", thanks to how quickly our youth culture isolates older people from the rest of society. "Win-win", when you look at it.

And it's "Win-Win" For Grandparents Too!

We think it was the great Jack Benny (ask your grandparents) that said, "The reason grandparents and grandchildren get along so well is that they have a common enemy!" And we think Mr. Benny was referring to us, "non-grandparents", but we're too young to understand (feign modesty)!

"Now, Rockchester, CUT THAT OUT!" (Ask Your Grandparents)

Oh, wait, no, it wasn't Benny who said that... it was, wait, don't help us... ah... give us a hint. Was it Jackie Gleason? No? Oh, wait, we remember, it was Sam Levenson who said that! You're still gonna have to ask your grandparents who Levenson was, 'cuz we have no idea, we're only 38(... ask you know who)!

Turn Up Blossom Dearie on the "Hi-Fi"!

Have we urged you to send our Rubber Chicken Grandparents Cards yet? If not, we meant to! They're just terrific! And everyone you send them to will think so too! And they'll think you're "simply wonderful" and "very thoughtful" for "thinking of them". If fact, they'll be so grateful, they'll probably surprise you when they slyly slip a crisp, new five dollar bill (U.S.) in their next email Thank You card to you. And that really WILL be a surprise! How the hell did your grandparents do that, anyways?! NOW do you see how wise and more experienced they are?! Oh, that reminds us of a story... did we ever tell you we once shot Angela Lansbury in our elephant's pajamas?! ...Wait... is THAT how that story goes? Oh, just send out our RCC Grandparents Cards, already, otherwise we'll just keep nattering on and on like we tend to do!

We're Like a Mash-Up of Cab Calloway and The Strokes!

Which explains why the whole left side of our body is suddenly numb, but we STILL look great in yellow trousers and tails (not even OUR grandparents would get that one)! Really?! You're STILL reading this? Come on! Send out these damn Grandparents cards of ours! We made them just for you! You know the AARP doesn't have it's own online, greeting card web site. Well, not YET they don't! Give 'em time. They're still figuring out the Clapperr (take THAT, reference to a forgotten 1980's commercial! We could have said Ron Popeil's Pocket Fishermanr or Tarnexc , but NO, we went for the Clapperr All together now, "Wheeere's the Beef?!" )...

Have You Sent Out Our RCC Grandparents Cards Yet?

So until that wonderful day comes, send out our RCC Grandparents Cards. You can even send them out if you yourself are the grandparent! We have cards for you (the grandparent) to send to your grandchild/children! Clever of us, huh? NOt "Perry Mason smart", but still smart of us. Beside, the AARP eGreeting site'll probably have all it's text in 50-point type! You don't deserve that! So send our Rubber Chicken Grandparents Cards out now, before we forget to remind you again! Now were the hell did we leave the T.V. remote?
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