Happy Holidays (18)

Wrap up all the holidays in one Rubber Chicken Card bow and send one of our 14 hysterical Holiday ecards.

Happy Holidays cards

Happy Whatever!

This is a fairly new "Official" category for us, here at Rubber Chicken eCards, and it's the type of celebration that's sorta, kinda funny, but mostly it celebrates being really wonderful and thoughtful... just like you are, dear Rubber Chicken eCard person, you!

A "Rose" by Any Name

We offer "Happy Holidays" because, now-a-days, we all have friends and family who are not Christian, not Jewish, not Muslim, not Hindu, nor are they Buddhist. We know they probably believe in something... er, maybe we should say someone or maybe it's better to say some higher power, but then again, maybe none of that is necessary. We love them and we want to let them know that we're thinking of them and wishing them all the best during this time of year, no matter what they call it. And no matter what we call it. So, that's why "Happy Holidays" is here.


Okay, here's a little insight into us: so, we met these good people and now they're friends of ours, and we all get along great, but it just so happens that we never got around to asking them --or maybe we did and they told us, but now we don't remember-- anyway, the point is, it doesn't really matter, we like them all a lot! And the fact is, now that so much time's gone by... the truth is, we'd kind of be embarrassed to ask them. So, Viola! "Happy Holidays" is now a category of eCards! That may not be YOUR circumstance, but if it is, now you got a bunch of Rubber Chicken eCards to choose from.

Something for Everyone

Or better, yet, maybe you're like millions of other, super-friendly and inclusive people who don't need labels and aren't really interested in them, but they DO like wishing people well, and letting people know we all care about each other. THAT'S gotta be a holiday worth celebrating, right?!

A Little R-E-S-P-E-C-T (Take out the "TCB")

Think of "Holidays" as a way to show respect, kind of like how we use the term, "MS", instead of calling a woman "miss" or "missus" when we don't know if they're currently married, divorced , or blissfully single. So, it's the end of the year --and the new year hasn't started yet-- so hey, everybody, we wish you all a happy... "Holidays"! EVERY holiday... and we're serious mean, "EVERYBODY", so lighten up, Fox News!

All-in-One (in a "Good" Way)

"Holidays" lets us turn what would normally be a wide assortment of disparate, "Near the End of the Year" celebrations into a super-big-boffo-happy-hullabaloo! So, kind of like Jerry Seinfeld's "Festivus", we want to offer you and those you love, the celebration, "Holidays"... ah, a day to commemorate... ah, let's sit down and eat.

Considered For Your Approval...

All kidding aside (yes, we're capable, we just can't sustain it... insert your own snarky comment here), it's important to be considerate, aware and sensitive to people's beliefs, even when their beliefs fall under the "None of the Above" category (see, what we mean, how long were we able to sustain that?).

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