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Rubber Chicken Cards has over 10 super funny Hello ecards to satisfy your desire to reach out and touch someone.

Hello cards

Say Hello to My Little Fiend

Hello is one of our favorite phrases here at Rubber Chicken Cards. The other one we can't say in polite company (we swear like longshoremen). In fact, one of the first phrases you learn when writing code is the infamous, "Hello World", and there's a reason for it: everyone appreciates a friendly greeting. The Beatles even wrote a song with, "hello" in its title...or are we thinking of Lionel Richie?!? We always get those two guys mixed up. One of them married Yoko... so then, yes, it's Lionel...right?!

"H" to the "L" to the "O"

As THE most friendly and inviting ways in our culture to greet someone new, shouldn't we at least put some of our energy into finding new ways to say, "hello" to those we care about? Oh sure, we love to change it up a little, so we'll say: "Aloha, Ciao, Salam, Sawubona and Bon Jour". But that's just us, and you know how very international WE are. Okay, we'll wait for you to stop rolling your eyes.

Hello Kitty

We hope you find our Hello eCards a fun way to meet and greet all your long-time companions as well as your latest discoveries. Our Hello eCards are "extra-super-no-hassle" to send to your social-network friends' Facebook pages, or maybe you still prefer using our incredibly user-friendly web site. However you send them out, you can be confident that you'll get a response back from those who receive them right away. After all, we pride ourselves on being hard to ignore. In fact, we're often described as the eGreetings equivalent of the "turtle in a punch bowl"... at least we hope they're saying "punch bowl"!

Greetings Earthlings!

Ever see the 1997 Jodie Foster film, "Contact"? If not, rent it on Netflix, it still holds up. Anyway, our point in bringing it up is that the plot of that whole movie centered around what a universal pain in the SETI it is to stay in touch with EXTRA-terrestrials. So wouldn't you think it would be much easier to communicate with each other on THIS planet?! You'd think so, but, no, not so much. Which is why we hope you find that our Hello ecards get a smile and laugh from your loved ones who receive them. We made them to be crowd pleasing and fun. And best of all, Ms. Foster's character doesn't have to die in the end... oh, damn, did we spoil the movie for you?!? Sorry, see, this is why we don't have more friends! Which reminds us, "Hey, E.T., call us back already, we've left you like twenty thousand voice messages by now, you stupid, call-screening jerk!"

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