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Hurricane Season (1)

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Hurricane Season - "Beezle Bob"
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Beezle Bob, or the evil one, has a few buds over for a beverage to chat about how to make life really wonderful for everyone. They contemplate ways to put poeple in touch with how great life is, like food poisoning. Not realizing how destructive they are, the trio ends up by creating hurricanes. Ooops. Even the Devil isn't happy with the result.
Hurrican cards

It's "Hurri-CANE", Not "Hurri-CAN'T"!

Yes, this is a "real" category! And it is the brain-child of Steve Rotblatt, our fearless founder here at RCC. "CEO Rotblatt", as he insists we all call him, is such a brilliant entrepreneur that he's literally cornered the market on funny animating Hurricane eGreetings! Choke on THAT factoid, Hallmark!

Ironically, Our First Child's Name is "Low Pressure System"

And sure, we only created ONE f-ing Rubber Chicken Hurricane Card, but why re-invent the wheel? Why try to improve on perfection? Why did we bother? All these are perfectly logical questions, hence we feel completely unqualified to answer them. Ask Dr. George Fishbeck, or Dallas Raines or Sunny Coral-Reefs, or any number of thousands of stupidly named weather-nauts on your t.v. We, don't know. All we know is YOU are the ONLY person who would appreciate all the hard work we put into exploiting, er... we mean, exhausting... this under-mocked natural disaster...wait, is THAT right?! Whatevers, send this single, solitary Ecard (about Hurricanes) to friends and loved ones. What better way to say, "Hey, we hope you make it!" Than that?!

If This Storm Shelter's A-Rockin', Don't Come A-Knockin'!

We here at Rubber Chicken Cards, "home of the world's ONLY animating Rubber Chicken Hurricane Card", seem to instinctively do all the WRONG things during hurricanes:

  • We wander around outside in the rain, picking UP downed high tension electrical wires and use them as JUMP ROPES! Can you believe THAT!? Have we no sense?
  • We climb to the tops of the tallest trees wearing nothing but a knight's shining armor. And, sure, this fool-hardy during LIGHTNING storms, but during a hurricane what we're doing is so STOOPID and dangerous Johnny Knoxville??? himself called us "jackasses"! And he otta know, he's the expert!
  • We evacuate OUT OF church basements or re-enforced sporting centers, in order to DELIBERATELY go into harm's way...why? We think we've established the reason here, beyond reasonable doubt, your Honor! The Defense Rests!

Not Even Aflacr Will Insure Us!

Thank goodness we still have our ObamaCarec ... or as WE like to call it, "PPACA", or as it's known on the street, "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act", a rose is a rose is a rose, right? Provided your rose ensures everyone equal access to universal health care!
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