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Jewish New Year (8)

Rubber Chicken Cards has over 12 Happy Rosh Hashana ecards! Choose one of our hysterical animated ecards

This Cool Rosh Hashanah ecard stars the "Flashback Boys"
Views: 5769
On the verge of the New Year, the vacant ones discuss their resolutions, or lack thereof.
This designer Rosh Hashanah e card stars "Puss"
Views: 8651
The accident prone kitty with the upbeat attitude shares an experience of the new year.
Shop Rosh Hashanah ecards with the "Breeder Brothers"
Views: 4232
The brothers with the combined IQ of Matzo give advice on a traditional Jewish New Year's dinner.
This spiritual Rosh Hashanah ecard "God"
Views: 4039
The Lord Himself looks at the year ahead and gives some practical advice on how to navigate the way forward.
This funny Show Business Rosh Hashanah ecard stars "Selma Goldfarb"
Views: 7376
Agent to the stars, Selma, ushers in the Jewish New Year with a movie idea starring Yahweh.
This Antiques Roadshow spoof features a funny Rosh Hashanah ecard
Views: 8557
Dale Vacwit, pretending to be a Rabbi, brings an ancient Shofar to the Roadshow.
This musical Rosh Hashanah ecard stars "Bongo and Tone" Beat Poets
Views: 8696
The Beat Poets, Bongo and Tone, weave a musical improvisational story of the Jewish New Year.
The hipster, "Sinclair", stars in this high-quality Rosh Hashanah ecard
Views: 7619
Sinclair, the hipster, doesn't want to celebrate the Jewish New Year with friends, she wants to watch a Rosh Hashanah film alone. But are there Rosh Hashanah films?
Jewish New Year cards

Happy Rosh Hashana, Y'all!

Our Rubber Chicken Jewish New Year Cards say, "Hooray, today is one of the holiest days of the year" unlike any other card on the internets! Time to blow the Shofar, let go of the past, clean the house, and eat and drink until you are sated.

Shofar, So Good!

Rosh Hashana's one of the most fun days of the year for Jewish people all around the world! And it is also the beginning of a profound search into the soul. How can those two things go together?! Quite well, thank you. It is this day that the three books of account are opened, wherein the fate of the wicked, the righteous, and those of an intermediate class are recorded. Those that don't pass this test have ten days to get there act together, make amends (not necessarily to God but to those they have offended) and then they too will be sealed in the book of life.

Sorta Like a Spiritual "IRS Audit", but With Less Paper Work (Hopefully)!

In addition to introspection on this day, Jewish people also get to eat traditional foods. We especially look forward to apples and honey, the head of a fish (the head of the new year, get it?!), dates and pomegranates, not to mention the hip-hop music legends, The Black Eyed Peas! Who preform their hit, "One Tribe", which they wrote to commemorate Rosh Hashana, this time every year...ah, just a moment, um, excuse us, we're getting a call, sorry about this, we'll just be a sec...

One Tribe Ya'll One People!

So that call was from our rabbi, and it turns out she's a HUGE fan of the Black Eyed Peas too, and she just clarified that Jewish New Year IS celebrated with the black-eyed peas, but not the America's-favorite-rapping-sensation kind, no, instead, we celebrate with the LEGUMES! So, we stand corrected, and look how we all learned something new and important today! Mazel tov!

Fergie and Will.I.Am Wish You a Happy New Year Too!

If any of this made you smile, please take a moment to send one of our Rubber Chicken Jewish New Year eCards to your loved ones! And may your New Year be a time of renewed strength, good health and may you surround yourself with those who love you deeply. L'Shanah Tovah Tikatevu, ya'll!
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