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New Year (20)

Send Funny Happy New Years Cards 2018 Animated Greetings to start the New Year with a smile. Our online wishes can be sent by email or shared on Facebook and other social media.

New Years - "Professors"
Views: 5822
The Professors dig into the ability for a human being to choose how they see a New Year.
New Years - "Sinclair the Hipster"
Views: 5632
Sinclair is both hopeful for a happy new year and kinda nervous about it, considering last year kinda sucked.
New Years - "Veronique"
Views: 8325
Veronique, from le Cafe Cafe in Montreal, is getting ready for the New Years by herself, because the rest of her crew are absent with hangovers.
New Years - "Roadshow"
Views: 4996
Dale Vacwit comes to the New Year's Roadshow program with the hour glass of Father Time.
New Years - "Guptah"
Views: 8975
Guptah, the Quickie-Mart Prophetess, offers a stress-relieving New Year's suggestion.
New Years - "Autopsy"
Views: 4671
Debbie is trying to keep a stiff upper lip about her horrible year while Tom cheers her up with the hope of a great New Year.
New Years - "Ellen and Winsor"
Views: 6388
Ellen and her cat, Winsor, greet the New Year together with rousing fanfare.
New Years - "Beezlebob"
Views: 8850
Beezlebob hangs out with his staff and tries to figure out the best way to get a fresh start.
New Years - "On the Runway"
Views: 5100
Twinkie, the genius fashion designer, launches, literally, her New Year's collection starring Gustav dressed in rockets.
New Years - "General Store"
Views: 6701
At the General Store, Bert asks Mr. Klamen for some advice on how to celebrate the new year.
New Years - "The Muse"
Views: 7541
The Cuban Muse suggests we jump into the new year!
New Years - "Packrats"
Views: 5159
Ruth and Edward share their collection of New Years Eve hair baskets.
New Years and Christmas - "Breeder Brothers Jug Band"
Views: 5557
The family that plays together stays together in this Christmas musical extravaganza.
New Years - "Flashback Boys"
Views: 5717
Two sixties boys ruminate on the passage of time and the making of resolutions.
New Years - "Frankie and Eddie"
Views: 8957
Frankie doesn't think getting "blasted" is the way to greet the New Year.
New Years - "Cowboy Bob"
Views: 7335
"COWBOY BOB & Good Ol' SPITOON" yodel and spit their way into the New Year.
Happy Holiday - "Sister Mary Margaret"
Views: 4375
Sister Mary Margaret,The Nun of Hallucinatory Habits, has a wee bit of a story ta tell ya ...don???t ya know.
New Year - "Puss"
Views: 6302
Our positive thinking kitty mulls over the adversity and triumphs of the year gone by, looking ahead with hope.
New Years - "Good Cop Bad Cop"
Views: 6496
Good Cop and Bad Cop arrest Father Time, each trying to squeeze out of him a great upcoming year.
New Years - "Stinky Dog"
Views: 8102
Stinky Dog had a horrible year last year. So to begin this year he seeks the answer to having a great new year in spite of the lousy results in the year previous.
 New Year

Funny Happy New Years Cards 2018 Animated Greetings

The Ball Drops

Hey, Happy New Year! By the way, the ball is dropping and it always will,,,,,,every year. Year after year. There are sooo many Happy New Year greetings that need to be sent, forever and ever.

Happy New Years 2018 ecards | Animated Greeting Cards Celebrate

So heck, yes, "heck" I say, they can just be sent all at once over the internet with the simple click of a computer key. Even though we here at Rubber Chicken are mainly idiots, if you send our New Years greetings we can actually save your New Year and make it the best one ever.


After all, every year doesn't some crazy, bad stuff always happen to you? Think of it, there you were in January looking forward to the glistening potential of the coming year but soon enough you find yourself in May realizing that your year hasn't quite gotten off the ground yet and everything seems the same. Why aren't things moving ahead? We here at Rubber Chicken can be very frank... in order to be kind.

Start with a Clean Slate

So, yessiree my friend, it IS the New Year and..no one's coming to save you. Sorry to say that but we actually DO have the remedy for that same ole, same ole New Year problem. The way to a fresh, free, succulent New Year is by getting stuff done quickly, easily, cleanly, and clearly. So by starting off your New Year right at the beginning with the total package of sending all your friends our New Years Ecards, time needed being about 10 minutes total, you will have completed that task like a pro who can navigate time, good will, and great value.

Start the Best Way

And that's the best way you could ever start off any New Year because the rest will follow just like that. Magic! Hey, Happy New Year to YOU too! And just think of your friends being blown away by the coolness of the cards saying, "Gee Honey: that friend of ours! yeah he sent us a gorgeous, touching Rubber Chicken greeting to celebrate the New Year. Wow! where does he get the time to do that? What a whiz!..better stick with him. Oh, look I can send him an ecard back right now!" Hey wake up the world. It's a beautiful thing and the beginning of a beautiful year for all. So on this New Year's day, go ahead and send something special to your buds.

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