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Olympics (1)

Let's all celebrate the Olympics with an hysterical Olympics ecard from RC Cards.

Olympics - "God"
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God honors his Olympics with a few suggestions on how we can all get along.

We Love Them Big Deal

Every one loves the Olympics. It is the best of human endeavor and competition, without weapons. The idiots at Rubber Chicken Cards don't really have a lot of Olympics cards only because, because, well... who knows? Since we're such idiots and we realized that we didn't even know why we didn't have that many Olympic ECards, well, we started thinking - and training - and we had a wake up call!


We spontaneously began practicing tai chi and gladiator wrestling sessions which brought us right into the deep, knowing spirit of the Olympics. It's cosmic! Now to stimulate our thinking processes to write Olympic cards, we simply do Olympic things like jump off high buildings in order to create a good tag line for a card: or we'll go tear down a high-rise with our bare hands, just for the mega-human, passion and strength we experience in order to write Olympic quality cards for you!


How many of us are inspired by the constant discipline and supervision that makes for the personal satisfaction of a great Olympiad? The Olympics takes life to its limits and a certain blessedness and beauty comes with that. We share the incredible fortitude of the men and women of the Olympics who transcend our worldly power and become human gods to show us all that we are all so divine. Who else in the world can do multi back flips and end up landing in a perfect 5th position like a prima ballerina? Or be a runner who jumps over hurdles who's focus is to always keep his toes high enough to never even skim the hurdle. Focus, focus, focus! Like we said, the Olympiads are gods!

Yes. We are the ecard Gods

Then there are other types of gods - well, like savants. And by this we mean Idiot Savants, which is where we come into the picture. After all we don't really jump hurdles, or shoot bows and arrows or wrestle with lions, or - we for sure, can't even dribble a basketball here at Rubber Chicken E cards! But when we focus our special minds on the great feats and accomplishments of games and the players of the Olympics, we simply gush with inspiration and creativity and we burn with the fire of our own Olympic Energy because we are the gods of internet ECards. So go for the gold. And send your favorite athletic selections in honor of the great torch that burns within us all.

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