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Animated Ecards Paper Greeting Cards

Valentine's Day Adults Only (9)

Valentine's Day - "Furball Franny"
Views: 6300
The delicate kitty who hocks up furballs is full of love on Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day - "Roadshow"
Views: 5225
Dale Vacwit brings in a pair of underwear for appraisal only to discover that they are the panties of a famous prostitute.
Valentine's Day - "Translator"
Views: 6744
The amazing Translator ??? who groks the inner mumblings of men, women, and pets ??? tunes into the deep emotions of a woman on Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day at the Hot Dam - "Randy and Andy"
Views: 7816
Randy, a wise and caring beaver, gives his innocent pal, Andy, some advice about Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day - "MacDoodle and Son"
Views: 8969
The Great Scotland Yard detective attempts to get his idiot son to follow the obvious clues to Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day - "Autopsy"
Views: 7082
Coroners, Millie and Tom, have hidden Valentine's Day presents in a very interesting place.
Valentine's Day (over 18) - "Housewives of Needles"
Views: 5654
(Over 18 please - some bleeped, rough language.) In this Valentine's Day ecard, Felicity, one of the housewives of Needles, California, gets in touch with all of her ex husbands in order to punish them for abandoment. Imgine her surprise when one of them turns out to be awesome by any standard.
Valentine's Day - "Veronique"
Views: 5408
Veronique, waitress at Le Cafe Cafe in Montreal, gives a special and sexy Valentine's message for everyone.
Valentine's Day - "BeezleBob"
Views: 8144
In this toon, Beez tries to discover the true meaning of love with his staff of the most horrible people that ever lived.

Something Spicy and Sexy

Love can be mild or spicy. The idiots at Rubber Chicken Cards know how to kick it up a notch so that you can have some sexy fun with your partner.

Edgy and Funny

Most of our cards you can send to anyone with a sense of humor. And, we acknowledge that a few of our cards are for a select few! That's the way it should be. Can't please everyone and we don't really try that hard. We are here to make life more fun, happier, and sexier.