Work Week (11)

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 Work Week

Hey! This is My Office

So you are standing around the water cooler, chilling with your cohorts in the office, complaining about your boss or work. Who doesn't like that? Yes, you are grateful for your job. Sure you are happy that you are working and that you can buy food. No fooling, you do appreciate that. But, by golly, it's a blast to whine about work. You are there day in and day out, most of the time doing stuff you don't like and pretending that you do. Sincerely, you didn't want to do the job that you are doing. You thought that you were born a racehorse and you are ending picking olives in the desert until possibly the day you die.

That's My Food in the Fridge

The idiots at Rubber Chicken Cards have created some awesome Work Week ecards that center around work. A man and a woman stand around the water cooler, a guy sits at his desk, and some of the regular Rubber Chicken Card crew live the life of workers. They complain, they make fun of themselves, they make fun of their co-workers. All is fair in love and work. So take a moment and have some fun with these great ecards.

Our Sacrifice

Yesterday at work, in the henhouse, everyone was a little sick with light colds. Well we all sat around creating e cards and snorting and sneezing and wheezing. For the most part, nobody wanted to be here in the office, we wanted to be tucked into bed, watching television. But we had to be here in order to create more workplace cards and infuse them with our special brand of work hatred, transforming loathing for work with tolerance. Yes, even in the best of jobs, some days it is hard to be grateful and appreciative. And our Work Week ecards tell the truth about business and being either an employee or employer. We try to address all of this.

Ellen and Winsor

Take for example, our Ellen and Winsor Work Week ecard. Ellen does not get out of her robe even though her kitty, Winsor, reminds her that work is happening and she needs to get going. But Ellen is just so depressed with her life. And do you know what, millions of people can relate to just that, simply not wanted to get up, get dressed, and get going.

Ma! We're going to Broadway

And then there is our Broadway show ecards, where Dave and Stella sing a song about hating work and turning it around. You really have no idea how many people just love getting these cards in their email or Facebook. So do yourself and your friends a favor, send a Work Week ecard.

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