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Audition (6)

The Casting Director prods the needy actor into trying all kinds of ways to express an emotion on a holiday or an event. These funny and edgy cards are voiced by Max Rotblatt, son of the Chief Chicken and the Chicken himself, Steven Rotblatt.

This select Fathers Day ecard stars the "Audition"
Views: 8946
In the Audition, the casting director has the actor develop different ideas to express love for his father.
Pilgrim Hat Thanksgiving ecard set at the "Audition"
Views: 5797
Francis Darmashower comes to audition for a major film with major stars in a potential Thanksgiving blockbuster.
Valentine's Day - "Audition"
Views: 6026
The casting agent is casting a special Valentine's Day movie with the worst actor in the World.
Send this Entertainment World Birthday ecard featuring the audition
Views: 8180
A young actor tries his best during an audition to come up with the perfect Happy Birthday reading.
Christmas - "The Audition"
Views: 7468
In this card-toon, the Casting Director is casting a Christmas show and the auditioner has to jump through vocal hoops in order to get the part.
Check out our High End Halloween Ecard starring "Audition"
Views: 6342
The casting director leads the actor through a series of scary characters.