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Donner and Blitzen (5)

The two main reindeer and their antics

Send this Silly Mother's Day ecard starring Donner and Blitzen
Views: 6389
What do Santa's Reindeer do in the off searson? They prepare for Mother's Day.
Halloween - Donner and Blitzen
Views: 7217
The two idiot reindeer that Santa neglects in the off season are stealing from the elves to make ends meet.
Christmas - "Donner and Blitzen"
Views: 5779
Santa's Reindeer gossip about Santa, Rudolf, and others.
Hanukkah - "Donner and Blitzen"
Views: 7497
The idiot reindeer talk about why they love Hanukkah so much.
Labor Day - "Donner and Blitzen"
Views: 5837
Santa's Russian reindeer are ready for a Labor Day of doing nothing.