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Flight Attendant (31)

Jenny Sue on the Plane

Send our funny Nurse's Day Ecard starring "The Flight Attendant"
Views: 4485
Jenny Sue serves up some hospital snacks on a flight going toward total health.
Shop our funny St. Patrick's Day ecards starring the Flight Attendant
Views: 5795
The Flight Attendant, Jenny Sue, is selling awesome odd snacks and evidence of St. Pat's miracles. Ending music by the amazing Anne Roos on the Harp.
Animated Marketing - JDE Tips
Views: 4087
RCCards Corporate created this piece for JDEtips, a company that does training for business software. Our piece helped them to create a 22% increase in sign-ups for their training.
Birthday - "Flight Attendant"
Views: 6681
In this birthday eCard, Jenny Sue throws a surprise birthday party aboard the plane.
Celebrate the love journey with the "Flight Attendant."
Views: 6065
Jenny Sue, the Flight Attendant, chats about the connection between flying and marriage while handing out snacks. In this funny and sweet ecard, we discover that Jenny Sue has had many husbands and may really, really understand the ups and downs of marriage. This card-toon is acted by Melissa van der Schyff.
In this get well e card Jenny Sue, the flight attendant, offers snacks and love.
Views: 4615
Flying to Austrailia, our Flight Attendent, Jenny Sue, compares the germ laden metal tube of the plane to life on Earth.
Animated 60th Birthday card stars "Flight Attendant"
Views: 8281
The Flight Attendant, Jenny Sue, gives a rousing Happy 60th snack party to a passenger on the plane.
Divorce - "Flight Attendant"
Views: 5836
Jenny Sue, speaking from her long experiences of divorces, gives some encouragement and divorce snacks to the new divorcee.
Festive Hanukkah ecard starring the "Flight Attendant"
Views: 6165
Jenny Sue, on route to Florida, chats about her ex husbands and the true meaning of Hanukkah.
Christmas - "Flight Attendant"
Views: 7328
Jenny Sue, the Flight Attendant, sets up a great Christmas flight for all of her passengers.
This funny Halloween ecard starss "Flight Attendant"
Views: 4948
Jenny Sue presides of the flight bound for NOHEAD, New York, offering snacks and stories of evil and delight.
Congratulations - "Flight Attendant"
Views: 7885
Jenny Sue serves up some pumped up airplane snacks as she congratulates the person in 28A on his/her achievement.
Diwali - "Flight Attendant"
Views: 8384
Our flight attendant, Jenny Sue, just bubbles over about the festival of lights, Diwali.
Admin. Assistant Day - "Flight Attendant"
Views: 5555
Jenny Sue congratulates all Administrative Assistants for a job well done, while telling a very revealing story about the captain.
Boxing Day - "Flight Attendant"
Views: 7398
Jenny Sue tells the truth about Boxing Day.
Get Well Closed Caps - "Flight Attendant"
Views: 5306
Flying to Austrailia, our Flight Attendent, Jenny Sue, compares the germ laden metal tube of the plane to life on Earth.
Valentine's Day (Single) - "Flight Attendent"
Views: 6262
Jenny Sue, speaking to a Singles Only flight, shares aphrodisiac snacks and her lowest common denominator love wisdom.
Mother's Day - "Flight Attendant"
Views: 8729
The Flight Attendant tells her cabin filled with folks about her extremely odd family and mother situation.
Send this Patriotic Fourth of July ecard starring the "Flight Attendant"
Views: 4364
Jenny Sue, flight attendant, celebrates with her passengers this happy holiday.
Sweet Memorial Day ecard starring the "Flight Attendant"
Views: 6343
Jenny Sue, the Flight Attendant, sells some Memorial Day snacks and honors the men and women who have lost their lives keeping us free.
This funny online fathers day e card stars "The Flight Attendant
Views: 5762
Jenny Sue, Flight Attendant, suggests some high priced Father's Day airplane snacks and gives fathers everywhere some lovin'.
Easter - "Flight Attendant"
Views: 8439
Jenny Sue, en route to Hershey, PA, shares some tidbits about her dysfunctional life and Easter.
Presidents' Day - "Flight Attendant"
Views: 6210
Jenny Sue is selling some pretty interesting President's Day snacks,covering the "Bailout" and Herbert Hoover.
Cinco de Mayo - "Flight Attendant"
Views: 6941
Jenny Sue hands out the expensive Mexican snacks on the plane and whoops it up for Cinco de Mayo.
Canada Day ecard starring The "Flight Attendant"
Views: 6956
Jenny Sue enthusiastically ushers in Canada Day with back bacon Popsicle snacks.
Bon Voyage - "Flight Attendant"
Views: 7628
Jenny Sue gives the traveler an amazing inflight kick off for a wonderful and relaxing vacation, complete with giant beverage and butt pillow.
Animated Marketing - Chiropractor thanks
Views: 8389
We developed a few cards as a communication vehicle for Chiropractors.
Sweetest Day - "Flight Attendant"
Views: 8920
Jenny Sue, sporting the sweetest snacks ever, reveals the sweetness in her life, plucked from adversity.
Shop our designer Grandparents Day ecards featuring the " Flight Attendant"
Views: 5801
In this Grandparent's Day ecard, Jenny Sue honors the youth of the modern Grandparent.
Apologize- "Flight Attendant"
Views: 8969
Jenny Sue, the southern flight attendant, offers an in-cabin apology.
Step Family Day - "Flight Attendant"
Views: 7793
Jenny Sue, the upbeat flight attendant,honors the beauty of blended families.