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General Store (26)

Mr. Klamen helps Bert at the General Store

Chinese New Year - "General Store"
Views: 5711
Bert is going to have a big Chinese New Years celebration and he comes to Mr. Klamen for supplies.
Send funny birthday wishes with the "General Store"
Views: 6463
In this birthday ecard, Bert takes a trip to see Mr. Klamen at the General Store in order to pick up a special brithday gift.
Thanksgiving - "General Store"
Views: 7953
At the General Store Bert comes to get Mr. Klamen's suggestions for a beautiful meal.
Labor Day - "General Store"
Views: 5165
Bert, after having a hard time in the job and housing markets, comes into the General Store to buy a few things for a big party he is throwing.
Christmas - "General Store"
Views: 5542
Mr. Klamen of the General Store helps the hapless Bert with his swollen molars so he can get back to a wonderful Christmas season.
Boxing Day - "General Store"
Views: 7513
Bert wants to do something for the poor, and Mr. Klamen helps him out with some very odd items.
Inauguration Day - "General Store"
Views: 8976
Mr. Klamen helps Bert get all the things needed for a terrific Inauguration Day party.
Good Luck - "General Store"
Views: 4423
Bert wants to wish a friend "Good Luck" and comes to the General Store and Mr. Klamen for help
Halloween - "General Store"
Views: 5194
Bert comes to the General Store and Mr. Klamen to get the stuff to set up for Halloween.
International Day of Peace - "General Store"
Views: 4304
Bert asks Mr. Klamen to help out with some party items in order to celebrate International Day of Peace.
Hanukkah - "General Store"
Views: 6810
Mr. Klamen does his best to help Bert prepare for a big Hanukkah party.
Valentine's Day - "General Store"
Views: 6515
Bert is in love and wants Mr. Kalmen to help him out by selecting beautiful gifts.
Mother's Day - "General Store"
Views: 6752
When Bert asks Mr. Klamen for Mother's Day suggestions, he gets a bag full.
New Years - "General Store"
Views: 8651
At the General Store, Bert asks Mr. Klamen for some advice on how to celebrate the new year.
Compliment - "General Store"
Views: 6798
Bert goes to Mr. Klamen's General Store in order to get a compliment for a friend.
Here's a Fathers Day ecard from Son or Daughter
Views: 7226
Bert needs a gift for his father, whom he loves. Mr. Klamen loads the bag.
Send this unique summer ecard from the "General Store"
Views: 6272
In this Rubber Chicken eCard, Bert asks Mr. Klamen at the General Store what he has for a summer party.
Shavuot - "General Store"
Views: 8104
Bert comes into the General Store to get some Shavuot, the Jewish holiday celebrating God's gift of the Torah, ideas. He comes home with a bagful.
Fourth of July - "General Store"
Views: 6468
Fourth of July at the General Store
Chinese New Year (Horse) - "General Store"
Views: 8552
It's the Year of the Horse, so Bert goes to see Mr. Klamen at the Gereral Store for some Horse related gear for his New Year's party.
This funny virtual Easter ecard is set in a General Store.
Views: 8194
Bert comes into the General Store to grab some items for his Easter party.
Grandparent's Day - "General Store"
Views: 6274
It's Grandparent's Day at the General story and Bert comes in to buy some gifts for his grandfolks.
Australia Day - "General Store"
Views: 7084
At the General Store on Australia Day Bert comes to Mr. Klamen to get some unique things for an Australia Day party.
April Fool's Day - "General Store"
Views: 8713
On April Fool's Day, Bert comes to the General Store to ask Mr. Klamen about tricks to play on his family.
Stinky, the angry dog with the upbeat attitude, stars in this funny Passover ecard.
Views: 4327
Bert wants some uplifting items from the General Store for his Passover meal.
Sukkot - "General Store"
Views: 6854
Yes. Bert comes to the General Store and has Mr. Klamen fill his bag with Sukkot goodies.