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Hipster (18)

Sinclair and her droll observations

Birthday - "Sinclair, The Hipster"
Views: 8014
Sinclair, a Hipster sitting in a coffee shop, gives a tortuous, ironic Birthday wish to her good friend.
Belated Birthday - "Sinclair"
Views: 5407
In Sinclair's world you do not wish someone a birthday on their birthday! Late is better and more meaningful.
Halloween - "Sinclair the Hipster"
Views: 4770
Sinclair, the hipster, wants only one thing this Halloween, and that is to not be a cliche.
Thanksgiving - "Sinclair, the Hipster"
Views: 7789
Sinclair, in her need to be cool, doesn't want to give any thanks on thanksgiving. No Thanks - Giving is better for her.
Holidays - "Sinclair, the Hipster"
Views: 8102
Sinclair, the hipster, wrestles with a concept of Holidays. Can you love without the story of Christmas, can you have courage without the story of Hanukkah. What does Sinclair end up with?
Birthday (50) - "Sinclair, the Hipster"
Views: 8834
Sinclair, with her droll sense of humor, tries to make becoming 50 okay.
Christmas - "Sinclair, the Hipster"
Views: 4206
The iconic hipster gives her eccentric holiday suggestions.
Spring - "Sinclair"
Views: 5623
Sinclair, the hipster, is not much into the Spring season; it is so played out.
Thank You - "Sinclair"
Views: 4140
Sinclair, the hipster, sits in a coffee shop and tries to think of a cool and acceptable way to say thank you.
Daylight Savings - "Sinclair"
Views: 6737
Sinclair the hipster doesn't even know what to do about this silly day.
April Fools Day - "Sinclair"
Views: 5872
Sinclair, the hipster, loves April Fools Day when she can play hipster pranks that basically nobody would understand.
Earth Day - "Sinclair"
Views: 7689
Sinclair, the hipster, in Portland comtemplates the Earth and all of its massive beauty and power.
Rosh Hashanah - "Sinclair"
Views: 4465
Sinclair, the hipster, doesn't want to celebrate the Jewish New Year with friends, she wants to watch a Rosh Hashanah film alone. But are there Rosh Hashanah films?
Valentine's Day - "Sinclair the Hipster"
Views: 4180
Sinclair, the hipster, finds it hard to say "I love you" on Valentine's Day, not because she doesn't feel it, but because she really doesn't want to be a phony... she wants to be real, ya know.
Father's Day - "Sinclair the Hipster"
Views: 6691
Though love and sharing are "played out," hipster Sinclair is fine with letting her dad know that she loves him.
Thinking of You - "Sinclair"
Views: 4089
Sinclair is thinking of you and says some really nice things, contrary to her personality.
Mother's Day - "Sinclair"
Views: 4081
The hipster, Sinclair, though she does not want to be like anyone else, asks her mom to sit down with her to share a latte.
New Years - "Sinclair the Hipster"
Views: 4539
Sinclair is both hopeful for a happy new year and kinda nervous about it, considering last year kinda sucked.