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Housewives of Needles, California (5)

Omicron - "Housewives of Needles California"
Views: 5756
Rude language: The Housewife of Needles is scared to death of Omicron but finds a solution to her fear.
Stuck with Kids Inside (language bleeped) - "Housewives of Needles California"
Views: 6395
Filled with delicious bleeped language our Housewife of Needles, Ca, is stuck inside with her ingrate children.
Christmas (18 and over) - "Housewives"
Views: 6689
Over 18 please: In this Spicy Chicken Card, Felicity, one of the Housewives of Needles, California, gets into a fight with her best friend Ashley over Christmas decarations. This is well-bleeped material!
Valentine's Day (over 18) - "Housewives of Needles"
Views: 7163
(Over 18 please - some bleeped, rough language.) In this Valentine's Day ecard, Felicity, one of the housewives of Needles, California, gets in touch with all of her ex husbands in order to punish them for abandoment. Imgine her surprise when one of them turns out to be awesome by any standard.
Mother's Day (18 and over) - "Housewives of Needles, Ca"
Views: 8498
(Adult Language bleeped) On Mother' Day, the Housewive flaps her potty mouth about her horrible children who turn out to be wonderful and loving.