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Jersey (14)

Vin and Sofie at the Pizza place

Birthday 50th - "Jersey"
Views: 5873
It is Vinnie's 50th birthday and Sofie, his wife, tries to make it the best it can be.
Anniversary - "Jersey"
Views: 7826
Vinnie and Sofie, a couple from Jersey, out to have a pizza dinner, have a real challenge when Vinnie forgets their anniversary. Sofie does not let him go on this one and presses him to make it right. After hemming and hawing, Vinnie finds just the right touch. This ecard is voiced by Andie Bolt and Steven Rotblatt. The artwork is from Scott Angle.
Apology - "Jersey"
Views: 5982
Sofie wants to say "I'm sorry" but has a really, really hard time doing it.
Hanukkah - "Jersey"
Views: 4015
Vin asks Sofie for what he wants for Hanukkah. Mmm. Same thing he asks for every holiday.
Winter Solstice - "Jersey"
Views: 4501
Sofie sets up a romantic Winter Solstice night with Vin and he almost blows it.
Christmas (over 18) - "Jersey"
Views: 8835
Over 18 please - In this Spicy Chicken Jersey card-toon, Vinnie and Sophie get into it over pizza concerning Vinnie's wanting sex for Christmas.
Easter - "Jersey"
Views: 5376
Vinnie wants a bit something more on Easter than Sophie is willing to give.
Mother's Day - "Jersey"
Views: 8747
Vinne and Sofie have a heated discussion about calling their mothers on Mother's Day.
Father's Day - "Jersey"
Views: 6933
The idiots at the Pizza Joint argue about what to get Vinnie for Father's Day. Like always, he wants sex.
April Fool's Day - "Jersey"
Views: 8250
It's April Fool's Day and Sophie plays a trick on Vin that leads to some fun.
Tu Bishvat - "Jersey"
Views: 7576
It's the Jewish holiday that celebrates trees, like an Earth Day. What does Vinnie want on Tu Bishvat, even though he is not Jewish?
Summer - "Jersey"
Views: 6603
Vinnie and Sophie battle the heat and find love on the first day of summer.
Cinco de Mayo - "Jersey"
Views: 6071
Vinnie uses Cinco de Mayo as an excuse to ask his wife for a little you-know-what to mark the day. Her reactions are hysterical.
Vote - "Jersey"
Views: 4362
It turns out that Vinnie did not vote and Sofie is not happy with him. Vinnie's explanation is priceless.