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Origins (7)

A radio show on the origins of language

Christmas - "Origins"
Views: 7373
The Story of Christmas is viewed through the lens of the study of linguistics.
This funny birthday ecard features "Origins"
Views: 8806
Dr. Phonohar is interviewed about the origins of the Hawaiian language, especially regarding the phrase "happy birthday."
Australia Day - "Origins"
Views: 4066
Dr. Phonohar discusses the origins of the Australian language and dialect.
Send this superior mothers day ecard starring the "Origin" Podcasters.
Views: 5545
On the Origina of Language show the host and Dr. James Phonohar delve into the roots of the word "Mother."
St. Patrick's Day - "Origins"
Views: 6166
The KRCC radio show follows the idiots that do insane and hysterically untrue origins of languages and holidays.
Sweetest Day - "Origins"
Views: 5427
Did you know how Sweetest Day was created? Well, the idiots of the show Origins know, and it has something to do with France and linguistics.
This hysterical Father's Day ecard stars the "Origin" duo.
Views: 4574
The idiots that produce the most boring deep dive into language on the radio, dig into the word "Father."