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Sarah (27)

The salty Southern lady

In this Happy Birthday 60th ecard, our direct and to the point Southern Belle, Sarah, gets right to the heart of aging.
Views: 6848
Salty Sarah, the Southern Belle, goes over the accomplishments of turning 60 - at anything.
Corona on the Farm - "Sarah"
Views: 8732
Sarah, the acerbic Southern Belle, is Shuttered in Place on the Farm.
Birthday #2 - "Sarah"
Views: 6778
Sarah, our not so kind Southern belle, has some advice on how to avoid all future birthdays.
Thinking of You - "Sarah"
Views: 7734
Sarah, the askew Southern Lady, suggests to a friend that she/he write.
Need a Sober Birthday ecard - This one stars "Sarah"
Views: 7983
In this sober birthday eCard, our Southern Belle with an edge is celebrating this year's birthday with a virgin.
Christmas - "Sarah"
Views: 5660
Sarah, our slightly off-center Southern Lady, does a holiday recap of the very odd Crumwaller Family year.
Winter Solstice - "Sarah"
Views: 4310
The beginning of Winter (in the Northern Hemisphere), Sarah, the honest Southern lady, tells us why she hates winter.
Retirement - "Sarah"
Views: 7999
Sarah, the practical Southern Lady, gives here thoughts on why retirement is a great thing.
Encouragement - "Sarah"
Views: 7290
Our cranky Southern Lady tells how to get over feeling a little emotionally rocky.
Thanksgiving - "Sarah"
Views: 7626
Sarah, the salty Southern lady, names some of the things that she is grateful for.
Boss' Day - "Sarah"
Views: 6076
Sarah, the salty Southern Belle, gives kudos to a great boss, suggesting that we never really give the boss enough credit.
Work Week (Monday) - "Sarah"
Views: 7368
That Belle from the South has an attitude adjustment for us about Mondays.
Christmas #2 - "Sarah Says"
Views: 8989
Our askew Southern Belle delivers her State-of-Our-Family Country Christmas report.
In this get well cartoon, Sarah, the tough Southern Belle, gives some funny, strong advice.
Views: 7392
Our slightly tweaked Southern Lady lets a sick friend know that it is okay to be depressed and angry because of illness.
Cinco de Mayo - "Sarah"
Views: 5022
Sarah nos hace recordar el verdadero significado del Cinco de Mayo.
Congratulations - "Sarah"
Views: 4186
Our sharp-tongued Southern Lady simply won't congratulate a person who is always successful.
This funny Easter Ecard stars the direct Southern Belle, Sarah.
Views: 6851
Our sharp Southern Lady has an issue with the glib meaning of Easter that she works out with her husband.
Mother's Day (in law) - "Sarah"
Views: 5826
The outspoken Southern Belle has to spend time with her difficult Mother-in-law on Mother's Day.
Great Day - "Sarah Says"
Views: 6974
Sarah, the off-center southern lady?s off kilter advice on how to have a nice day.
Fourth of July - "Sarah"
Views: 4354
The cranky Southern Belle not only celebrates our independence as a country but also her independence from other challenges that have been holding her down.
Ground Hog's Day - "Sarah"
Views: 6990
The straight-talking and grumpy Southern Belle tells us why Groundhog's Day is needless.
"Sarah" the Southern Bell stars in an ultra Premium Flag Day Card
Views: 6186
The tough and ready Southern lady makes her home and property ready for Flag Day.
Halloween - "Sarah"
Views: 5659
Sarah, the tell it like it is Southern Belle has some choice words to say about her son and the great pumpkin challenge.
Admin Assistant's Day - "Sarah"
Views: 4059
Sarah, the deeply grumpy Southern belle, finds it in her to honor the Administrative professional.
Daylight Savings - "Sarah"
Views: 5651
Sarah comtemplates man's need to tinker with nature.
Mardi Gras - "Sarah"
Views: 5028
Sarah, the slightly acid Southern Belle, is excited about the many days of the Mardi Gras week, expecially Fat Tuesday.
This funny online greeting stars "Sarah" the Southern Belle
Views: 7615
Sarah, the spicy Southern lady, tells her modest papa that he needs to own up about how great a dad he is.