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Taco Truck (14)

Magical foods from a magical man

Passover - "Taco Truck"
Views: 4231
Armando is serving magical Passover foods at his taco truck. Each bite holds the promise of freedom.
Halloween - "Taco Truck"
Views: 8877
At the Taco Truck, Armando serves up favorites laced with strong chilies to celebrate life and death.
Hanukkah - "Taco Truck"
Views: 7055
Hanukkah at the Taco Truck brings the briny taste of gefilte fish and the delicious abundance of the latke.
Birthday - "Taco Truck"
Views: 7780
Armando, the magic Taco Truck man, serves up a spiritual meal for a brithday to a special person.
Birthday (to daughter) - "Taco Truck"
Views: 5649
Armando at the taco truck whips up a beautiful and loving song for the birthday of a daughter.
Admin Assistant's Day - "Taco Truck"
Views: 7499
At the taco truck, the magical taco guy creates a beautiful meal of love and appreciation for the Administrative Professional.
Mother's Day - "Taco Truck"
Views: 4334
The magic chef of the taco truck offers the mother the best Mother's Day taco on the planet, filled with great love.
Anniversary - "Taco Truck"
Views: 7030
Armando, the magical Taco Truck cook, prepares a beautiful and rich dinner for an anniversary party. If you like Louise the Angel or the Muse, you will like this character too! Give him a try.
Father's Day - "Taco Truck"
Views: 7857
Armando, who works his Taco Truck magic, gives The Papa a beautiful gift of delicious food for Father's Day.
Cinco de Mayo - "Taco Truck"
Views: 5962
At the Taco Truck, the magical chef cooks up a feast of happiness for Cinco de Mayo.
Christmas - "Taco Truck"
Views: 4534
The food is deep and rich and celebratory at the Taco Truck. Stop by for a wondrous meal.
Valentine's Day - "Taco Truck"
Views: 7070
Armando from the Taco Truck serves up pure love on Vals Day.
Citizenship Day - "Taco Truck"
Views: 6063
Armando, the magic chef from the Taco Truck, creates a meal worthy of a new Citizen.
Easter - "Taco Truck"
Views: 4884
It's the magic of the Taco truck to create a meal that is both delicious and a spiritual portal.