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Send Personalied funny Online Birthday Cards with Rubber Chicken Cards. Provide your mom, dad, brother, sister with hilarious animated birthday greeting cards and eCards on the web. Whether you are looking for funny, sweet, romantic, or naughty eGreetings, you will find them here.

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Tomorrow is the first day of the Rest of Your Life!

Happy Birthday to you! Though it is probably not your birthday, really. In fact, if you are here on this page, someone you know if having a birthday and it is your job as a friend or family member to make sure they do not go unnoticed.

Hilarious Birthday Ecards - Emailing the Best and the Brightest

Folks from all over the world send Rubber Chicken Card Birthday ecards. When we first started RC Cards, we we excited about being part of special occasions, times that mean something. And what is a better something than a birthday, the honoring of having a person on the planet one more year. Usually, when you send a Rubber Chicken Card, you are sending it to someone you like that has a sense of humor. (If they don't have one of those, try our Sweet Chicken Cards.

Here You Will Find...Hilarious Birthday Animated Greeting Cards

In our birthday section you will find all of our most popular characters. We know that you send, above all the other cards, birthday cards. So when we start with a new character 99% of the time we start with a birthday card. In that way you have the widest selection possible.

Thanks for sending a very funny Rubber Chicken birthday Card. You make the world better.

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