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Valentine's Day (100)

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Valentines Day
Views: 4378
Valentines Day Valentines Day Valentines Day Valentines Day Valentines Day Valentines Day
Valentine's Day World of Hearts - Sweet Chicken
Views: 5554
Drawings by Kristin and music by Ann Roos create this sweet and loving Valentine's Day ecard.
Valentine's Day #3 - "Louise the Angel"
Views: 6348
Louise, the Angel of Lovers, creates a cloud collage of love to celebrate Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day - "Roadshow"
Views: 5739
Dale Vacwit brings in a pair of underwear for appraisal only to discover that they are the panties of a famous prostitute.
Valentine's Day #3 - "Sister Mary Margaret"
Views: 5934
The visionary nun, Sister Mary Margaret, goes on a frightening journey to Himself to discover how to give her love on Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day - "God"
Views: 5127
God asks you to be his Valentine.
Valentine's Day - "Broadway"
Views: 8961
In the small town Diner, Dave gets some musical advice about Valentine's Day from the short-order cook, Stella.
Valentine's Day (over 18) - "Housewives of Needles"
Views: 7231
(Over 18 please - some bleeped, rough language.) In this Valentine's Day ecard, Felicity, one of the housewives of Needles, California, gets in touch with all of her ex husbands in order to punish them for abandoment. Imgine her surprise when one of them turns out to be awesome by any standard.
Valentine's Day - "Dreamtime"
Views: 6447
Albert Sussman, master dream interpreter
Valentine's Day #2 - "Rube Goldberg Homage"
Views: 5705
A series of complicated moves leads to a very simple outcome for Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day - "The Muse"
Views: 7246
The Cuban Muse helps you to create the best Valentine's Day sentiment ever.
Valentine's Day #2 - "Guptah"
Views: 6909
Our Quikmart sage showers love upon the One that is Many.
Valentine's Day - "Sister Mary Margaret"
Views: 5034
Sister Mary has a vision of a giant heart popping out of the ground on Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day - "De la Noche"
Views: 4944
The great Latin lover sings a heart rendering song of the plight of the love torn Valentine.
Valentine's Day - "Audition"
Views: 6225
The casting agent is casting a special Valentine's Day movie with the worst actor in the World.
Valentine's Day - "Rube Goldberg Homage"
Views: 5838
A fish pulls a line and starts a Valentine's Day contraption that ends in a simple gesture of love.
Valentine's Day - "Sinclair the Hipster"
Views: 4926
Sinclair, the hipster, finds it hard to say "I love you" on Valentine's Day, not because she doesn't feel it, but because she really doesn't want to be a phony... she wants to be real, ya know.
Valentine's Day - "Cutie Foodie"
Views: 5628
Vaudeville Food Fun in short scenes full of love featuring food puns.
Valentine's Day (Mother to Kid) - "The Mother"
Views: 6557
Your Mother tells you how much she loves you and how perfect you are on Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day - "Guptah"
Views: 5038
For our Quikmart Sage the world is awash in hearts and love.
Valentine's Day #3 (Paint) - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 6161
Paintings, words, and music combine to tell a tale of love in this Sweeter Sweet Chicken Card. Wanna tell someone you really love them, no fooling?
Valentine's Day #2 - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 6899
Music and paintings create a heartfelt expression on Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day - "Frankie and Eddie"
Views: 8021
Our lead singer, Frankie, and his musician, Eddie rock out for Valentine's Day.
Love - "Dr. Maybaum"
Views: 6078
Doctor Maybaum, the radio talk show shrink gets a call about love.
Valentine's Day - "Cowboy Bob"
Views: 5998
Cowboy Bob and his good ole partner, Spitoon, yodel out a Valentine's day duet for horse and Cowboy.
Valentine's Day - "Your Mother"
Views: 8078
A Valentine from a Mother to a daughter.
Valentine's Day (to Daughter) - "The Father"
Views: 5421
The Father, even though he knows it is a hokey day, tells his children he loves them one Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day (wife to husband) - "Veronique"
Views: 5410
Veronique, the lusty barista from Montreal, shows her sexy love for her husband.
Valentine's Day - "Louise the Angel"
Views: 4574
The Valley Girl Angel delivers a big, very big, Valentine with a very big messenger.
Valentines Day - "Breeder Brothers"
Views: 7452
The Breeder Brothers, Jim and Jim Bob, tell some wild stories about Valentine's Day gifts.
Valentine's Day - "Good Cop - Bad Cop"
Views: 6905
The detectives of precint 302 grill Cupid on his unauthorized use of the bow and arrow
Valentine's Day (Single) - "Flight Attendent"
Views: 4660
Jenny Sue, speaking to a Singles Only flight, shares aphrodisiac snacks and her lowest common denominator love wisdom.
Valentine's Day - "On the Runway"
Views: 4318
Twinkie, famous high-end fashion designer, presents her Valentine's Day collection - just for you.
Valentine's Day - "The Minstrel"
Views: 7167
The wandering songster warbles a hideous ditty about his love on Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day - "Woody Guppie"
Views: 7127
Our Folk Singin' Fish croons a sorta "Be My Valentine....or else" song.
Valentine's Day - "Puss"
Views: 6204
Though Puss gets hurt in the process, aksing that special someone to be his Valentine appears to be very lucky.
Valentine's Day - "Furball Franny"
Views: 6554
Franny is horkin' up some wild furballs just to get up the nerve to ask ya to be her Valentine!
Valentine's Day - "Marlene and Dave"
Views: 8329
The Home Shopping idiots are selling the "Marlene and Dave Broadband Brooch," the gift that sends love around the world.
Dia de San Valentin - "Guptah"
Views: 8562
Para nuestra Saga del Mercado el mundo est? rodeado de corazones y de amor.
Valentine's Day (LGBTQ) - "On the Runway"
Views: 7125
Twinkie, the great fashion designer, introduces her Gay and Lesbian line of Pleather Valentine's Day outfits.
Dia de San Valentin - "El Angel Luisa"
Views: 6465
El Angel Luisa entrega un Valent?n super grande con un mensajero grand?simo.
Valentine's Day - "The Psychick"
Views: 6706
Our lady of the Spirit World channels all the great lovers in history in order to chant the Valentine's Day chant.
Valentines Day - "Packrats"
Views: 5862
Ruth and Edward, the dullest people on earth, share their collection of hearts made out of raw clams.
Valentine's Day - "Translator"
Views: 6532
The amazing Translator ??? who groks the inner mumblings of men, women, and pets ??? tunes into the deep emotions of a woman on Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day - "Julie Child"
Views: 7229
Our Julia spoof that lubricates this holiday eating event with lots of wine.
Valentine's Day - "Professors"
Views: 5057
Our two Professors blather and babble on about probably imprecise Valentine's Day facts and observations.
Valentine's Day - "Juicy Juice Girls"
Views: 6364
Kimmie and her airhead friend discover that they love the same boy and want him to be their Valentine.
Valentine's Day - "Marta Stewartski"
Views: 6654
Our very own Master of Craft turns her own body into a living Valentine.
Valentine's Day - "Food Eaters"
Views: 7416
Jake Wellington moves his food Vlog into Valentine's Day, sharing some cool Val's Day eats with his online friends.
Valentine's Day #2 - "Louise the Angel"
Views: 4276
The Heavenly One gets some group angel assistance in delivery a heartfelt Valentine's Day message.
Valentine's Day - "Jack and Jacques"
Views: 8231
The American ventriloquist and his French Dummy attempt to agree on whether Valentine's Day is necessary .
Valentine's Day - "Way Up North"
Views: 7394
The Canadian arctic researcher, Diane, lovingly puts together an ice and frozen tundra heart for her missed love.
Valentine's Day - "Ellen and Winsor"
Views: 7975
Ellen is about to go out on a date for Valentine's Day, and Winsor coaches her through it.
Valentine's Day - "Bongo and Tone"
Views: 7343
The Beatniks, Bongo and Tone, sing out a beat poem about Valentine's Day and love...lovvvvve...laaaaoooooooove.
Valentine's Day - "Juicy Juice"
Views: 4936
Kimmie, the Juicy Juice girl, serves a boy that she has a big crush on for Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day - "Good Cop Bad Cop"
Views: 6479
The Captain asks the Good Cop to call his wife and tell her that he loves her for Valentine's Day.
Broken Heart - "Breeder Brothers"
Views: 6533
Jim and Jimmy give advice on how to "stick it" to the person who dumped you.
Valentine's Day - "Geeks"
Views: 4269
Computer nerds, Thor and Oden34, create a virtual weapon that shoots hearts instead of bullets so that they can flirt during online shooter games.
Valentines Day - "Two Fools"
Views: 8740
The lute strummin' duo, delivers a Valentines message with a couple of rotten jokes and a really bad song.
Valentines Day - "Dottie Rat"
Views: 6855
Our society rodent lavishes due praise on this day of the heart.
Valentine's Day (Broken Heart) - "Breeder Brothers Jug Band"
Views: 8706
Our Jug Band stomps and harmonizes to a deeply felt Valentine's Day tune.
Valentine's Day (LGBTQ) - "Marlene and Dave"
Views: 7551
The informercial duo sell some lovely Universal items, specifically for the Gay and Lesbian market on Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day #2 - "Way Up North"
Views: 6657
Diane, the arctic researcher, sends her frozen love from Way Up North.
Valentine's Day - Single - "Way Up North"
Views: 7994
Diane, the wildlife researcher from Northern Canada, gets ready for a romantic Valentine's Day with the one and only... well... herself.
Valentine's Day - "Dr. Maybaum"
Views: 7799
The radio doctor that doesn't suffer fools lightly takes a call from a woman in love.
Valentine's Day (Parent to Child) - "Frankie and Eddie"
Views: 6585
Frankie sings a song from a parent to a child about giving candy on Valentine's Day. Eddie thinks candy is the road to diabetes.
Valentines Day (Belated) - "Happy Hour"
Views: 6591
The canine barflies chat about being late for Valentines Day.
Valentine's Day - "Moon McFadden"
Views: 6866
The happy Scottish angel wants to be your Valentine, offering Scottish sweet treats and walks along the Loch.
Valentine's Day (missing you) - "Aw Girl"
Views: 6817
The cutest woman in the world is missing her Valentine.
Valentine's Day - "MacDoodle and Son"
Views: 4021
The Great Scotland Yard detective attempts to get his idiot son to follow the obvious clues to Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day #3 - "Guptah"
Views: 8284
The Quik Mart sage dispenses wisdom of the heart from herself and the poets.
Valentine's Day (to Grandparents) - "Kidzcard"
Views: 5596
One of our Kidz expresses her love on Valentine's Day. This is one of our more heartfelt cards.
Valentine's Day at the Hot Dam - "Randy and Andy"
Views: 6066
Randy, a wise and caring beaver, gives his innocent pal, Andy, some advice about Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day - "The Gondolier"
Views: 8432
The worst singer in the world is rowing his Gondola in Venice, singing a song of deep romance.
Valentine's Day #2 - "Sister Mary Margaret"
Views: 7573
Sister Mary Margaret has a vision of cupid and the Lord himself telling her about Universal Love.
Valentine's Day #2 - "Flashback Boys"
Views: 8454
The stoners with one brain cell left between them wonder at the pain that lives in mystery of love.
Valentine's Day #2 - "Happy Hour"
Views: 5036
Our two canine bar flies chat about being in love.
Valentine's Day - "General Store"
Views: 5488
Bert is in love and wants Mr. Kalmen to help him out by selecting beautiful gifts.
Valentine's Day - "Furball Franny"
Views: 7848
The delicate kitty who hocks up furballs is full of love on Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 4941
Scenes of love in many countries create a special way to say "I love You."
Valentine's Day - "Autopsy"
Views: 5713
Coroners, Millie and Tom, have hidden Valentine's Day presents in a very interesting place.
Valentine's Day - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 7766
Aunt Gloria is so delighted that you came over to her house on Valentine's Day that she plies you with stories of her past and with sweets.
Valentine's Day #2 - "Marlene and Dave"
Views: 6993
The infomercial duo have a sexy and hot idea for Valentine's Day, chocolate covered coconuts.
Valentine's Day - "Wizard"
Views: 4297
Our Wizard whips up a Valentine's Day spell that is truly a doozy.
Valentine's Day - "Master Liu"
Views: 8220
The great Chinese Sage, Master Liu, offers tea and wisdom on this Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day #2 - "Stinky Dog"
Views: 8510
The exhuberant Stinky Dog is scared to ask you to be his Valentine, so he asks a few dogs that he doesn't care about first.
Valentine's Day - "Madam President"
Views: 5684
The female President of the United States tells how she got the Security Council involved in a Valentine's Day group hug.
Valentines Day - "Carlita de Mechanic"
Views: 5974
Carlita, our lady of the wrench, torques a couple of poems for the day of the heart.
Valentine's Day #4 - "Guptah"
Views: 6231
Gutpah, the Quikmart Sage, contemplates the difference between the outer show of Valentine's Day and the deep inner beauty of real love.
Valentine's Day - "Veronique"
Views: 4648
Veronique, waitress at Le Cafe Cafe in Montreal, gives a special and sexy Valentine's message for everyone.
Valentine's Day #5 - "Guptah"
Views: 8670
Guptah, the sage of the local 7/12, shares her experience that love is the currency of Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day #4 - "Louise the Angel"
Views: 6284
Love is all there is in Heaven and Earth in our 4th Louise the Angel card.
Valentine's Day - "BeezleBob"
Views: 8588
In this toon, Beez tries to discover the true meaning of love with his staff of the most horrible people that ever lived.
Valentine's Day (paint 2) - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 5706
Dreamy painting combine with text and music (Anne Roos Harp) to make a message of love.
Valentine's Day - "The Muse"
Views: 7419
Ah! How do you tell your love how you really feel. Well, you need your Muse fo this. He can open your heart and let you express yourself fully. This card-toon is funny and wise and sweet.
Valentine's Day - "Taco Truck"
Views: 7914
Armando from the Taco Truck serves up pure love on Vals Day.
Valentine's Day #2 - "Packrats"
Views: 4049
The two most boring people in the world share some exciting collections on Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day (wife to husband) - "Psychick"
Views: 6867
Send this one to your husband. The lady of the spirits, the Psychick, enlists all the wives in history to express your love for your husband.
Valentine's Day - "Painterly" #5
Views: 7733
Using text, paintings, and music this card weaves a sweet and loving spell for you to send to the one you love.
Valentine's Day - "Welcome Wagon"
Views: 4644
Betty Ann Beeman of the Welcome wagon has a few passive aggressive things to say as she welcomes a new homeowner on Valentine's Day.

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