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Flag Day (9)

Send a funny Flag Day Ecard from Rubber Chicken Cards

Send this funny online Flag Day ecard starring "The Geeks"
Views: 4008
The brilliant computer geeks, Thor and Wade, muse about Betsy Ross and oat cookies.
"The Packrats" star in this high quality Flag Day ecard
Views: 4684
Ruth and Ed, the two dullest people in the known world, whip up a scintillating show on new friends, family, and the flag.
Stoner Flag Day Ecard starring "The Flashback Boys"
Views: 5462
The idiots with one pot addled brain cell left between them tackle the American occasion of Flag Day.
Our Finest Flag Day ecard starring "Frankie and Eddie"
Views: 8461
That singin', dancin' duo attempt to sing a harmonious song about the love of the flag.
This Flag Day online ecard stars - "Welcome Wagon"
Views: 8096
Betty Ann Beeman, the Welcome Wagon Lady, annoys another family with her red, white, and blue Flag Day cookies.
"Sarah" the Southern Bell stars in an ultra Premium Flag Day Card
Views: 7001
The tough and ready Southern lady makes her home and property ready for Flag Day.
On the "Roadshow" with this Premium Flag Day ecard.
Views: 4627
Dale Vacwit, a man with the IQ of a corn nut, brings to the Roadshow what he thinks is the first American flag ever made.
The "Professors" star in this high-end Flag Day ecard
Views: 5266
The almost erudite Professors babble on about Flag Day in the United States, getting most of it wrong.
Send this Virtual Flag Day ecard starring "Guptah" the local Sage.
Views: 7352
Guptah, the sage of the local convenience store, gives us reasons of the heart to honor the flag.
Flag Day cards

These Colors Don't Run, They Walk Confidently

Sure, it's not a every day we take time out to contemplate an event or a symbol. Case in point, when was the last time you honored PI? Not the movie, although the tiger did an outstanding acting job in that one, why didn't she at least get nominated for an Oscar? Hollywood can be so cliquey, can't they?

Easy as PI?

Even though the mathematical symbol for the the square root of a circle's whatever, is very important, we're not talking about PI or even math right now. Today we're taking time to honor the American Flag's birthday (even if most of them are now mass produced in other countries).

Let's Make Betsy Ross Proud!

Can you believe Flag Day is not an official federal holiday? I mean, seriously, if ever there was a day NOT to expect your mail to be delivered or to keep a bank closed that didn't involve bail outs, it seems like Flag Day would be it! I mean, come on!

I'll Second Your Continental Congress!

We commemorate the birthday of the American flag, on June 14th and would you believe, it took an ACTUAL act of Congress to do it? And true to form, Congress' original intentions were completely different than what they ended up with. They thought they were trying to pass a resolution on gun control, but after all the filibustering and after adding in all the the pork barrel nonsense, and of course after a nice, relaxing recess, Congress ended up voting to adopt the Stars and Stripes as the U.S. official flag (then the newest members launched an federal investigation and called it "Betsy-gate").

Forgotten Fact:

The original design of the flag was not stars and stripes, but was, in fact, the logo for the Chicago Cubs. But after an initial very disappointing first season, Washington, Jefferson and Madison decided to go with "Plan B".

Trivial Pursuit Answer:

The week of June 14 is designated as "National Flag Week", and usually the President will issue a proclamation urging U.S. citizens to fly the American flag. Some cities hold parades and events in celebration of country's national symbol. I wonder if Ben and Jerry have a red, white and blue ice cream yet?

Doing Our Part

As dyed-in-the-wool, blue-blooded members of the Rubber Chicken Cards team, we have created a nice little group of funny and respectful Flag Day ecard choices. We have Flag Day ecards from some of your favorite characters, like the Roadshow, the Professors, and the Packrats.

Serious Fun

The artist, Jasper Johns is best known for his painting "Flag". He used the American flag as a pattern and a theme throughout his long career. Johns said he was inspired after having a dream of the American flag. Sadly to date, Congress has yet to propose or even debate the possibility of declaring a "Jasper John's Flag Day", but we're designing ecards now, just in case they do. In the mean time, click on our fine ecards Flag Day as a fun way to remind family and friends to honor the symbol of the United States.

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