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To Health With You!

We here at Rubber Chicken Cards wish you and your loved ones "Good Health", so we made WAAAY more animating eCards then you'd think were necessary... or even desirable. But that's how we roll here, making stuff people don't even recognize that they want... which explains all our unsent (yet) Arbor Day cards!


So send out our RCC Health Cards to everyone you know, RIGHT NOW! Sorry to shout. But, receiving encouragement and happy wishes from YOU gets us excited. You may not already know this about you, but you brighten the lives of people all the time, and maybe you don't even realize it. Sending our RCC Health cards is just one more example, plus, it's a nice thing to do.


In fact, there's soooo many more reasons to send Rubber Chicken Health Cards, we'll limit ourselves here to mentioning just one: every one needs a good friend (like you) to surprise them with one of our Adobec Flashc animating eGreeting. Send one to yourself, and you'll see! We know, it feels a little weird doing it to yourself the first couple of times, but it quickly becomes a regular habit, until before you know it, you're doing it ALL THE TIME (we're still talking about sending yourself a RCC Health Card)!

Have We Reached Our Goal of Writing Four Hundred Words Here Yet?!

Check out our Guptah Health cards, or the one we created that celebrates marijuana use (Cypress Hill commissioned us to make that one) or the other ones... we can't remember right now, because we're still thinking about the chronic one we made for Cypress Hill. Hey you should really try sending out our Health eCards right now, just to experience it for yourself. Feel better? According to Reader's Digest??? "laughter's the best medicine"... personally, we think tetracycline is the BEST, but what do we know? One thing's for sure, hanging out with Cypress Hill is good for our health, "Siempre Peligroso". ??rale! Send our eCards out today... and don't tell anyone else, but we wanted ONLY YOU to know this:
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