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Packrats (31)

Collectors of obscure items

Christmas - "Packrats"
Views: 5180
Ed and Ruth, the Packrats on local cable access, introduce their wreath collection to the world.
Birthday - "Packrats"
Views: 5059
In this birthday eCard, Ruth and Ed, the two most boring people in the world, tell the story of the flaming Borneo birthday headdress.
Send this anniversary ecard to a brother or sister with a dry sense of humor. This stars the "Packrats" who collect basically useful garbage.
Views: 5244
Ed and Ruth, the Collectors and the two most boring human beings in the entire world, share their anniversary collection that includes wearing the very heavy Birundi sheep's heads. Send this stand out Anniversary idea!
Thinking of You - "Packrats"
Views: 8971
Edward and Ruth, the "Packrats" show their button collection, and muse on how buttons and screws spark memories.
Heath - Diet - "The Packrats"
Views: 6466
Ruth and Ed have collected thousands of diet aids that they share freely with listeners.
Halloween - "Packrats"
Views: 7588
Ed and Ruth do this Halloween show about collecting candy and death masks.
Congratulations - "Packrats"
Views: 8228
In this congratulations ecard, Ruth and Ed, The Collectors, collect a volcano made out of dung.
St. Patrick's Day - "The Packrats"
Views: 4877
Ruth and Edward share their 3,000 piece collection of St. Pat's Day snakes made from clay and glitter.
Rosh Hashanah - "Packrats"
Views: 7541
The packrats or collectors share their collection of Shofars.
Diwali - "Packrats"
Views: 6171
Ruth and Ed have an amazing candle collection for the Indian New Year.
New Years - "Packrats"
Views: 6014
Ruth and Edward share their collection of New Years Eve hair baskets.
"The Packrats" star in this high quality Flag Day ecard
Views: 6994
Ruth and Ed, the two dullest people in the known world, whip up a scintillating show on new friends, family, and the flag.
Christmas - "Packrats"
Views: 8017
Ruth and Ed share their process of collecting more that half a million fruit cakes.
The Packrats collect jokes in this animated April Fools e card
Views: 4479
The collectors, Ed and Ruth, show their joke collection and tell a fine story of how one cultures substitutes eggs for cobras on an egg toss.
Fourth of July - "Packrats"
Views: 8356
This time Ruth and Ed, the Collectors, have stolen as many American flags as possible.
Yom Kippur - "Packrats"
Views: 4923
The collectors, the two most boring people in the world, collect apologies on this Day of Atonement.
Sukkot - "Packrats"
Views: 7162
The Collectors, the two most boring people in the world, have collected 16 football fields worth of Sukkot huts.
Tu Bishvat - "The Packrats"
Views: 8101
In this TU BISHVAT Card-toon, the PACKRATS, the most boring people in the entire world, collect fruit from their many trees.
Arbor Day - "Packrats"
Views: 4643
The collectors share their Arbor Day collection of tree costumes.
Father's Day - "The Packrats"
Views: 5059
Ruth and Ed share their wonderful collection of Father's Day teeth that they have turned into whistles.
Grandparent's Day - "Packrats"
Views: 4311
Ruth and Ed, the Collectors, collect Grandparents and share them on that special day.
Friendship Day - "Packrats"
Views: 6408
Ruth and Ed collect a memento from each of their friends, calling them FriendMentos.
Compliments - "Packrats"
Views: 7860
Ed and Ruth, the collectors, have been collecting the best compliments for years and years.
Groundhog's Day - "Packrats"
Views: 4076
The Collectors, Ruth and Ed, have collected the harbingers of an early spring from many cultures.
Australia Day - "The Packrats"
Views: 6220
The Packrats show their collection of Austrailian prison goods and Dingo Dogs.
Canadian Thankgiving - "Packrats"
Views: 7995
Ed and Ruth, the Packrats, collect a large amount of Thanksgiving dinners for their Collectors show.
Boxing Day - "PackRats"
Views: 6173
In this Boxing Day Card-toon, the NPR type show starring the two most boring human beings in the entire world, talk about their ridiculous Boxing Day collection.
Valentines Day - "Packrats"
Views: 4367
Ruth and Edward, the dullest people on earth, share their collection of hearts made out of raw clams.
Purim - "Packrats"
Views: 8679
The Packrats in their cable access show share their Purim collection of Hamantashen, a Jewish treat.
Daylight Savings (Fall) - "Packrats"
Views: 6130
The Collectors go over their deep collection of things that fall back in order to honor Daylight Savings time. Fall Back!
Valentine's Day #2 - "Packrats"
Views: 8652
The two most boring people in the world share some exciting collections on Valentine's Day.