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Birthday (105)

Send Personalied funny Online Birthday Cards with Rubber Chicken Cards. Provide your mom, dad, brother, sister with hilarious animated birthday greeting cards and eCards on the web. Whether you are looking for funny, sweet, romantic, or naughty eGreetings, you will find them here.

Birthday - "Guptah"
Views: 4430
In this birthday eCard, the Sage of the Quickmart gives a message of peace.
Birthday Rube Goldberg #2 - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 6437
In this Rube Goldberg Birthday ecard homage, an intricate series of events sets off the blowing out of a candle.
Birthday#2 - "Louise Angel"
Views: 7364
Happy Birthday: Louise and her band of angels wish you a happy birthday and stand ready, at a moment's notice, to sing about it.
Birthday - "God"
Views: 7003
In this birthday eCard, the one who created the whole kit and kaboodle wishes his offspring a happy birthday.
Birthday - "Sister Mary Margaret"
Views: 6177
In this birthday eCard, the heavenly Sister has a vision of an amazing birthday celebration.
Birthday - "Taco Truck"
Views: 7311
Armando, the magic Taco Truck man, serves up a spiritual meal for a brithday to a special person.
Birthday - "Broadway"
Views: 5634
A mini-broadway musical set at a diner. Dave and Rusty sing about how to say "Happy Birthday" in this birthday eCard.
Birthday #2 - "Geeks"
Views: 7121
The Geeks contemplate what it would be like to have a birthday if you are going to live forever.
Birthday (to Brother) - "Flashback Boys"
Views: 8630
The Flashback Boys with the combined IQ of a pot addled sock discuss growing older.
Birthday - "Rube Goldberg"
Views: 6468
In our third Rube Goldberg homage birthday machine, a complicated series of events end up in a candle blowing out.
Birthday (to daughter) - "Taco Truck"
Views: 7536
Armando at the taco truck whips up a beautiful and loving song for the birthday of a daughter.
Belated Birthday - "Guptah"
Views: 7750
In this birthday eCard, our convenience market sage suggests that there are no belated birthdays and the sender is not really late.
Birthday - "BeezleBob"
Views: 4738
BeezleBob, the devil, is sitting around with his buddies trying to think of the best way to celebrate big events in life, like Brithdays.
Birthday (50) - "Sinclair, the Hipster"
Views: 8283
Sinclair, with her droll sense of humor, tries to make becoming 50 okay.
Birthday - "Doctor Maybaum"
Views: 5203
In this birthday eCard, Doctor Maybaum, impatiently upbeat radio talk show host, straightens out an unhappy caller on their birthday.
Birthday - "Flashback Boys"
Views: 8904
In this birthday eCard, our boys, still dripping with the sixties, babble about Birthdays and being happy.
Birthday - "Roadshow"
Views: 5952
In this birthday eCard, Dale Vacwit and the "expert" at the Antique Market evaluate the price of a piece of sculpture.
Birthday - "Juicy Juice"
Views: 4454
In this birthday eCard, Kimmi, the Juice Bar girl, serves up wild fruity drinks and a dose of enthusiasm on her friend's birthday.
Belated Birthday - "Beezlebob"
Views: 4381
The devil, the hilarious version, chats with some of his worst members about how to miss a birthday.
Birthday - "Origins"
Views: 4382
Dr. Phonohar is interviewed about the origins of the Hawaiian language, especially regarding the phrase "happy birthday."
Birthday - "Food Eaters"
Views: 6251
Jake Wellington, You Tube star, eats birthday foods with his fans.
Birthday (50) - "Psychick"
Views: 6708
In this birthday eCard, our lady of the Spirit World brings all the great 50 year olds to usher us into the real middle age.
Birthday 30 - "Juicy Juice"
Views: 6827
Kimmi the Juice girl celebrates the 30th Birthday with this Birthday ecard.
Birthday (to My Brother)- "Kimmi the Juice Girl"
Views: 6664
Kimmie delivers the perfect birthday sentiment for her brother.
Birthday - "Packrats"
Views: 5255
In this birthday eCard, Ruth and Ed, the two most boring people in the world, tell the story of the flaming Borneo birthday headdress.
Birthday 60 - "Sarah the Southern Belle"
Views: 7828
Salty Sarah, the Southern Belle, goes over the accomplishments of turning 60 - at anything.
Birthday - "Way Up North"
Views: 6711
Diane, the Northern Canandian researcher, makes her honey a birthday gift from moose dung and pine cones in this birthday eCard.
Birthday - "MacDoodle and Son"
Views: 8346
In this birthday eCard, the Great Detective shares Birthday sleuthing secrets with his feeble-minded son.
Birthday - "Louise the Angel"
Views: 7543
Louise, the Correspondence Angel, envisions a whole heavenly production for a birthday eCard celebration.
Birthday - "The Muse"
Views: 5460
In this birthday eCard, the Muse, a Cuban gent who loves the good life, appears when you need him for inspiration on a birthday.
Birthday - "On the Runway"
Views: 5041
In this birthday eCard, Twinkie, the famous clothing designer, and her assistant, Gustov, unleashes her new bag as a birthday gift for a loved one.
Birthday - "Bongo and Tone"
Views: 5512
In this musical birthday eCard, the Beatniks burble and moan a birthday beat musical poem.
Birthday - "Frankie and Eddie"
Views: 7239
In this birthday eCard, Frankie, the singin' bird, exacts a standard of high quality from Eddie, his drummer, for a birthday tune.
Birthday - "De la Noche"
Views: 4661
The great lover stands at a window warbling a birthday love song.
Birthday - "Jack and Jacques"
Views: 6963
The American and his French Dummy fight about which language is the best to express birthday eCard wishes.
Belated Birthday - "Good Cop- Bad Cop"
Views: 8232
Two par-boiled, half-baked detectives grill a suspect charged with Missing Somebody?s Birthday!
Birthday - "Flashback Boys"
Views: 6396
The timeless ones from the 60's are part of the Universal Hip Hop experiment in this musical birthday eCard.
Birthday - "Breeder Brothers Jug Band"
Views: 4795
A Musical Birthday eCard Message from the Breeder Brothers (and assorted family members....) and, yepper they're actually playing the washboard and a "tuned pair" of whisky jugs.
Birthday - "Happy Hour"
Views: 8652
In this birthday eCard, it's Happy Hour, and two canine barflies of the first order tip back giant cold ones and chit chat about birthdays.
Birthday - "Autopsy"
Views: 6584
In this birthday eCard, Tom and Millie are about to do an autopsy when Millie interrupts with a Birthday Cake for Tom's birthday.
Birthday - "Marta Stewartski" Close Cap
Views: 7015
Our lady of the craft whips up a "simple" birthday meal in this closed cap eCard.
Birthday - "The Psychick"
Views: 6982
In this birthday eCard, the lady of the spirits dips into the ethers to receive birthday wishes.
Birthday - "Dreamtime"
Views: 4825
For this birhtday eCard, Dream analyst, Marilyn Clark, blows it again, this time on a birthday dream.
Birthday - "ASMR - Trina M"
Views: 7677
ASMR is a trend on YouTube that creates a tingling and pleasant sensation in the listener. Trina M whispers sweet brithday greetings.
Birthday - "Bats inna Belfry"
Views: 7469
In this birthday eCard, our two bats from Jersey spruce up for a huge birthday party.
Birthday - "Dah Sport"
Views: 5981
In this birthday eCard, a special birthday brings the great baseball player out of prison to answer questions about an assault on the team mascot.
Birthday (To Son) - "Your Mother"
Views: 6232
In this brithday eCard, Mom gives her son just "one word" of advice on his birthday.
Birthday - "SweetChicken Card"
Views: 4622
In this birthday eCard, desserts appear and disappear, honoring the sweetness of the upcoming year.
Birthday (Zen) - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 8685
In this birthday eCard, music and serene images flow to honor a more heartfelt birthday.
Birthday #2 - "Sarah"
Views: 4238
Sarah, our not so kind Southern belle, has some advice on how to avoid all future birthdays.
Cumpleaños - "La Psichica"
Views: 4702
La dama de los esp?ritus se sumerge en los ?teres para recibir deseos de cumplea?os.
Birthday - "Dottie Rat"
Views: 8404
Our high society Rat, Dottie, delivers a gracious birthday eCard wish.
Birthday - "Singin' Cowboy Bob"
Views: 5166
Singin' Cowboy Bob and his odoriferous horse, Spitoon, yodel a birthday eCard greeting to you and yours.
Birthday (Sober) - "Sarah"
Views: 5135
In this sober birthday eCard, our Southern Belle with an edge is celebrating this year's birthday with a virgin.
Belated Birthday - "Singing Cowboy Bob"
Views: 6270
In this brithday eCard, Bob and good ole Spitoon sing a song for horse and cowboy to lament the forgettin' of a birthday.
Birthday (to My Daughter) - "Louise the Angel"
Views: 6721
Louise, the "Valley Girl Angel" is the perfect Angel to deliver a heartfelt missive on a daughter's birthday. This is a perfect card to give to the daughter you love.
Birthday - "Two Fools"
Views: 8610
In this musical birthday eCard, two Jesters sing a dittie and tell a couple 'o rotten mead sotted jokes about birthdays.
Birthday - "Hot Lips"
Views: 4700
Sitting at her hated work desk, Hot Lips is thinking of her good friend on her birthday, unable to participate.
Belated Birthday - "Dr. Maybaum"
Views: 5747
In this eCard, our Radio Talk Show Master entertains a an emotional call about missing a birthday.
Belated Birthday - "Furball Frannie"
Views: 7349
Sometimes even fuballs come late in this belated birthday eCard.
Belated Birthday - "Happy Hour"
Views: 4599
In this birthday eCard, the dogs at the bar whoop it up over missing the birthday of their good friend.
Birthday - "Dottie Rat" Close Captioned
Views: 6287
The Rat about town serves up the Close Captioned version of her birthday phonecall eCard.
Birthday - "Flight Attendant"
Views: 8578
In this birthday eCard, Jenny Sue throws a surprise birthday party aboard the plane.
Birthday - "Woody Guppie"
Views: 7169
In this birthday eCard, the folksingin' fish and his mandolin toting friend, bubble forth a deeply felt birthday love tune.
Birthday (Boy) - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 5427
In the birthday ecards, a series of scenes suggest the big ways that a young boy can spend his birthday.
Birthday (Girl) - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 6023
In the birthday ecards, a series of scenes suggest the big ways that a young girl can spend her birthday.
Birthday - "Angel Moon McFadden"
Views: 4510
In this birthday eCard, our Scottish Angel, Moon McFadden, has a fresh idea on how to celebrate a birthday.
Birthday (to Daughter) - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 4077
Aunt Gloria is bubbling over with excitement that a daughter is coming over to her house to celebrate a birthday!!
Birthday Sober - "Happy Hour"
Views: 5319
Turns out that the Happy Hour dogs have not been drunk all these years, they have been sober! Is that your final answer?
Birthday 50th - "Flashback Boys"
Views: 5971
The stoner boys, with nerry a practical thought between them, attempt to decide the importance of the 50th year of birth.
Birthday - "Ellen and Windsor"
Views: 6508
Ellen is a little depressed as her birthdate comes around. Windsor doesn't understand why.
Birthday (Folk Art) - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 5157
In this birthday eCard, in a small town, a very special birthday is coming.
Birthday - "Singin' Cowboy Bob" Close Cap
Views: 4801
The Close Caption birthday eCard version of Singin' Cowboy Bob and his partner Spitoon, flingin' a yodel over the high plains.
Birthday (Rube Goldberg) - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 6797
In this unique birthday eCard, this toon is an homage to Rube Goldberg machines as we assemble a birthday cake.
Birthday (Western) - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 6367
In this birthday eCard, two grissly cowboys duel it out, with a sweet ending, in this Sweeter more heartfelt card.
Birthday - "Good Cop Bad Cop"
Views: 8269
In this birthday eCard, Bad cop abuses the birthday suspect and Good cop protects him and gets him a cake.
Birthday (mother-to-daughter) - Louise the Angel
Views: 5883
In this birthday eCard, Louise the Valley Girl Angel has some words from your mother and the other angels about your birthday.
Belated Birthday - "The Psychick"
Views: 8149
Our Valley Girl Psychick contacts the spirit world in order to deliver a Happy Belated Birthday eCard message.
Birthday - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 8195
In this birthday ecard, Aunt gloria is so excited that you came over to her house to celebrate your birthday.
Birthday - "General Store"
Views: 8274
In this birthday ecard, Bert takes a trip to see Mr. Klamen at the General Store in order to pick up a special brithday gift.
Birthday - "Professors"
Views: 5596
The erudite Professors discuss whether attitude is important in a long life.
Birthday - "The Father"
Views: 6088
The Father gives a heartfelt Birthday wish to his children.
Birthday (60th) - "Louise the Angel"
Views: 8660
Louise, the correspondence angel, honors you on your 60th birthday.
Birthday - "Louise the Angel"
Views: 7304
Louise the Valley Girl Angel and her host of friends tap dance at the celebration of a friend's Birthday.
Birthday - "Master Liu"
Views: 4758
The great Asian Master Liu gives his pithy thoughts on a birthday
Birthday (21st) - "Juicy Juice"
Views: 5637
It is Kimmi's best friend's 21st and Kimmi is really excited about it.
Birthday (60th) - "Flight Attendant"
Views: 4346
The Flight Attendant, Jenny Sue, gives a rousing Happy 60th snack party to a passenger on the plane.
Birthday - "Carlita d'Mechanic"
Views: 6104
Our lady gearhead pops a carburetor full of fine birthday thoughts.
Birthday #2 - "Stinky Dog"
Views: 7390
Stinky Dog is trying to figure out a way to get a great birthday gift.
Birthday "Larry the Loungeman"
Views: 4242
In this birthday eCard, Larry, the lounge singer, sings a Happy Birthday song while getting hammered.
Birthday - "Sinclair, The Hipster"
Views: 8622
Sinclair, a Hipster sitting in a coffee shop, gives a tortuous, ironic Birthday wish to her good friend.
Birthday - "Rufus the Dog"
Views: 5696
Rufus, the grissled backyard veteran dog, weaves a remarkable story of war and friendship in which nothing really seems to be real.
Birthday - "Veronique"
Views: 8047
Veronique, sweet and salty waitress at Cafe Cafe, the French Canadian coffee shop, gets the birthday order just right.
Birthday (50th) - "Sister Mary Margaret"
Views: 5303
Sister Mary Margaret, after a fund-raiser for potted plants, has a vision of God telling her about 50th birthdays.
Birthday - "Ludwig van Beethoven"
Views: 5984
The spoiled Ludwig, cat or dog (we don't really know) discovers it is his friend's bday and he does not believe he is getting older! We never grow old!
Birthday - "Wizard"
Views: 4728
The Great Wizard screws up a beautiful birthday spell in this eCard.
Birthday - "Marta Stewartski"
Views: 7403
Marta Stewartski, reknowned media personality and chef, cooks up a special birthday feast in this eCard.
Cumpleaños - "La Hora del Sue"
Views: 6655
La Analista de Sue?os, Marilyn Clark, se equivoca otra vez, esta vez en un sue?o de cumplea?os.
Birthday - "Julia Child"
Views: 6250
Our famous gourmet whips up a happy eCard birthday treat.
Birthday (Short) - Sweet Chicken
Views: 5445
A Sweet Chicken Card that lasts about 20 seconds. Short and sweet.
Birthday #2 - "Flashback Boys"
Views: 5470
The boys with the IQ of peat moss wonder why we can never be happy with the age we are at.
Birthday (mom to daughter) - "The Muse"
Views: 6154
The Cuban Muse, your creative inner being with a Cuban accent, encourages you to tell your daughter how much you love her.
Birthday #2 - "Juicy Juice"
Views: 8303
Kimmie gathers all of her friends via conference phone to deliver an ecstatic birthday surprise.
Birthday - "Dreamtime"
Views: 6714
It's Dreamtime with Albert Sussman where a woman adrift in a dream asks Albert, Master Dream Interpreter, to figure it out.
Birthday - "The Audition"
Views: 6730
A young actor tries his best during an audition to come up with the perfect Happy Birthday reading.
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